Top 3 Emerging Trends of Auto Body Shop Industry

Lyle Ellerbee
Positive Disruption Trends for 2021

The value of auto repair businesses, often ignored, is underappreciated. However, fixing cars is essential to our contemporary civilization. Our vehicles would stop working, and we’d be unable to provide for our family if we didn’t have them.

New developments in the vehicle repair sector are bringing it into the 21st century by improving efficiency and productivity.

Auto repair is less greasy and geekier. Keeping up with automotive design and construction techniques as they progress is important. New technology may make diagnosis and repair quicker, but not always cheaper.

Here are the top three auto body shop industry trends in car ownership that will have far-reaching effects on the auto parts and repair industry:

  1. Utilization of emerging technologies:

Today’s auto repair shops must upgrade their procedures and equipment due to new technologies and changing automobile structures.

Lightweight and robust materials help automobiles fulfill fuel efficiency and safety criteria. Increased car aluminum use is a concern, and aluminum body panels were formerly reserved for high-end performance automobiles. But now, creating all-new aluminum-bodied vehicles is an emerging trend.

Aluminum needs a unique approach from professionals used to working on steel automobiles. Aluminum body panels can’t be molded like steel panels; they must be replaced using aluminum-specific riveting and welding techniques. These improvements may raise vehicle body repair costs, but they have benefits. Experts predict stronger, smarter automobiles to survive longer. New safety technologies like backup cameras and collision warning systems could reduce accidents.

  1. Digitization of the auto body shop industry:

Consumers look online for car parts, distributors, and services. You need a strong web presence. The website of an auto body shop should be the hub of your customers’ and prospects’ digital experiences, with most of the digital content driving traffic there.

Website traffic is driven by email, videos, and social media. Website landing pages are one of the main ways prospects offer information or demonstrate interest. Always update your website’s content and distribute it on third-party sites.

SEO is now a must part of a digital marketing strategy. 4 in 5 shoppers use search engines to discover information before making a purchase, according to a Google study. Google and Yahoo rankings improve outcomes. 

  1. Providing OEM Certification:

 Working closely with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and obtaining their certifications is essential to repairing modern automobiles in today’s competitive world. It is a must due to the advanced technology they include. Although there is a certification cost, it is an investment that will pay off in the future. 

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