India loses the chance to set Tesla business at Indian ground

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When we talk or hear about TSLA stock, the occasion of India missing the chance to have Tesla in the country strikes in the mind first. We as an Indian especially feel it as the chances India lost was taken by China. Let us know some more detail about it.

Barra Marry is the CEO of General Motors. In one recent interview, she expressed her feelings and experience while working there. She also said that the company is going very well in terms of earning and increasing demand. She also shared the info about their quarterly performance. She said that the price of the vehicles remains higher during the third quarter and that was a good sign for the company and the investors.

While giving her interview she also pointed out the opportunity for people in China now. According to her, due to the establishment of the Tesla factory in China, jobs would be increased and also the scale of the people in that factory.

Just like Barra, the Tesla CEO Elon Musk also has a great scope with China and its people. It is normal when people invest a lot in any country, they expect a lot from the country first to give the best service in the jobs provided by the company.

Here it is to mention that recently Tesla opened the factory of car manufacturing in China.

India was also in the line for getting the chance of having Tesla in this country but due to some rules and regulation of the country for the development of foreign business in the country, India could not grab the chance properly. India tried a lot to get this chance.

Not just Nitish Gadkari but PM Narendra also visited the office of Tesla and met with the CEO Elon Musk. When Pm met with him, he also offered the tour of the Tesla Car factory. During that meeting, Modi also offered Musk to set up a car factory in India too. However, due to the political issues and some extra taxes problems, Elon could not say yes for that offer. Later on, Gadkari also met him but no result came in the favour of India.

India should learn from China, how to make changes for the fixed issues so that the country could make long term benefits from foreign investment. Hope India would not make the same mistake again and the things would be different when some other companies like Tesla stock would be interested to do business in India too. You can check more from

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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