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What To Look For When Buying A Vintage Motorcycle

Looking to buy a vintage motorcycle can feel like a whole new ballgame to even the most experienced collector. Deciding to look for pre-loved bikes means a totally different list of inspection items to consider than when looking for a new motorcycle. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to make an informed purchase.


What Year Was the Bike Made?


The model of the motorcycle you’re looking into can the deciding factor between having an effortless or tedious maintenance routine. For instance, versions built in the late 1960’s to 1970’s are not only going to be more affordable but will also be easier to find parts for as they are more a-like to modern models. When looking at vintage motorcycles for sale, be sure to keep it’s age in mind!


Where Was the Motorbike Made?


The country which manufactured your potential cruiser has a lot to do with predicting what problems you may experience or what benefits it may have over others.  Japanese models like Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki may be highly affordable but their repair parts can cost more than the original buying price. American variations are easy to find cheap parts for but their production quality is not as good as current bikes.


What Condition is the Bike In?


There’s nothing worse than acquiring a long-desired item just to realize it’s really a money pit.  If you’re not being detail oriented when assessing the motorcycles condition before purchase, you may find yourself investing more than you planned in repairs or upgrades. Look the bike over carefully. It’s easy to tell the difference between a motorbike that’s just been “quick cleaned” for a sale and one that’s been garage kept and pampered by a true enthusiast.


Whether this is your first bike or one of many, when you inquire about the crucial aspects of a quality vintage motorcycle, you may have less chance of being duped.

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The Steps To Become an Owner Operator Truck Driver

If you enjoy the thought of working outside a traditional office, you may want to become a truck driver. This job has unique benefits, and it’s often a good fit for people who enjoy working independently. Additionally, becoming an owner operator frequently provides more freedom in the choice of cargo and routes. There are a few steps to follow that can help you get started in this industry.

1. Get a Commercial Driver’s License

Before you can get a job as a truck driver, you need to obtain a CDL. Getting a commercial driver’s license may require a few steps. First, you may need to decide what class of CDL you want to work toward. Each of the three classes has unique requirements and provides specific job qualifications. You should also get a copy of the Commercial Driver’s License Manual for the state you live in to learn about how to get your license. 

2. Find a Lease-to-Own Opportunity

Becoming an owner operator allows you to function as your own boss with more control over your work opportunities than you may get working as an employed driver with a transportation company. However, getting a truck and the required equipment is expensive. If you can’t afford it right away, you may want to find a lease-to-own job that allows you to pay off your truck over time. The top lease purchase trucking companies may provide benefits such as steady work, insurance, and fuel rebates.

3. Obtain Insurance

Before you start your new job, you need to get insurance. There may be specific insurance requirements from your state or the lease-to-own trucking company you are working with. You can talk to an insurance agent who can recommend the right type of policy for your situation.

A job as an owner operator truck driver offers numerous advantages for the right person. If you want to pursue this job, you’ll need a CDL and insurance. You may be able to find a lease-purchase company that will let you pay off your truck while working as a driver.

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What to Look for in a Heavy Machinery Moving Company

If you have heavy machinery that you need to move from one facility to the other, then you may want to consider a professional moving service. A moving service has more experience and tends to be a less risky choice. Here is what to look for in a machinery moving service.

Heavy Machinery Experience

In most industries, experience matters. With heavy machinery moving, experience absolutely does matter. There are so many serious heavy equipment accidents to worry about. These accidents can also occur while moving heavy equipment. It’s important to choose a company with the experience to be able to handle large machinery without adding to the risk. You want a company that understands risk and does not act negligently. Most with experience will know the best tools to for moving equipment Los Angeles businesses need moved.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customer testimonials can tell you a lot about a company. Once you have a few movers that you’re interested in, you can check their website for reviews and ratings. Pay attention to what people are saying about the company. Are they a reliable company? Are they worth their prices? Also look for negative reviews. If you see multiple bad reviews about the same issues, it may be a red flag.

Access to Equipment

With experience comes knowledge of what types of equipment and tools are necessary to move heavy machinery. Without the right tools, your equipment may suffer damage in the move. To make sure the moving company is high quality, ensure that they have the tools and equipment necessary for your particular machinery.

If you have heavy machinery that you need to move from one facility to another, it’s crucial that you use a moving company that has experience and knowledge in heavy machinery. This will not only ensure that your equipment reaches its new home safely but that no one else will be hurt in the process.

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Benefits of Workers’ Compensation

If you sustain an injury at work, you may be entitled to a variety of benefits. When injured at work, who pays for the medical costs or lost wages? If your employer is liable, you may be awarded workers’ compensation. Here are the benefits provided by workers’ compensation.

Medical Costs

When a person is injured at work, workers’ compensation pays for the medical costs. If a person does not have to take time off work due to an injury, then he or she will only receive the medical costs. Workers compensation Portland workers receive covers medical costs and rehabilitation costs for those injured on the job.

Permanent Disability Costs

If injured workers have permanent disability and cannot return to work, then they may receive permanent disability benefits. Permanent total disability are paid to those who cannot return to work due to their injuries. Permanent partial disability benefits are for those employees who have physical impairments that do not completely keep a person from returning to work.

Temporary Disability Costs

Temporary disability includes costs for injuries that prevent employees from returning to work or another job for a certain amount of time. Employees collect on these benefits until they are able to return to work.

Fatality Costs

Some workers’ compensation programs will pay death benefits when work-related injuries cause death. The benefits provided may include:

  • Funeral costs
  • Burial costs
  • Cash benefits for dependents
  • Cash benefits for families

If a worker does not have a family or dependents to provide for, then the only benefits that workers’ compensation provides are funeral and burial costs.

When an employed person is injured at work, he or she is entitled to a number of different benefits depending on the illness or injury sustained. Medical costs and lost wages can stack up. Workers’ compensation helps alleviate some of the loss.

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Beyond Health Insurance

If you watch the news any night of the week, you will probably hear people talking about health insurance. If you work and pay taxes, you will see that some of your taxes go towards health insurance. This form of insurance receives the bulk of people’s attention, which makes sense, as it helps them keep their bodies healthy. However, other types do exist and can be critical.


Automobile Insurance

For car owners, it is important to have auto insurance in Glendale AZ. In case of an accident, whether from a negligent driver hitting you or a tree falling over, you don’t want your car to be destroyed and to have to pay the entire bill. You will feel more confident driving knowing that you have a policy protecting you in case something goes wrong.


Homeowner’s Insurance

As with automobile insurance, if you own a house, you should purchase insurance for it. This type of insurance does not cover all kinds of problems that could occur with your house, such as damage from certain types of natural disasters. Still, the insurance can cover some of the costs from more typical natural events, such as storms. It also usually helps if someone breaks into your home or puts graffiti on it.


Special Items

If you own certain expensive items, you can add individual insurance policies for those possessions onto your homeowner’s insurance. For example, professional musicians should pay extra to insure their instruments, which are generally worth more money than a standard homeowner’s insurance policy will cover. Expensive collections, jewelry and family heirlooms also may require this type of insurance.

Don’t let your confusion about all the different types of insurance keep you from being fully covered against disasters. You work hard for your possessions and you depend on some of them for your survival and career; make sure you take sensible steps to protect them.…

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How to Stay Safe While Driving a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are a ton of fun. Although there are many risks when riding a motorcycle, there are also many ways to reduce those risks. Follow these safety tips to be as cautious as you can when riding a motorcycle.

Follow Traffic Laws

While riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, it can also be tempting to test traffic laws. Weaving in between traffic or along the side of the road is not only dangerous, but it is also often illegal. Be sure to follow traffic signals, use proper indicators when changing lanes or turning, and make sure drivers around you can see you. Always ride sober.

Use the Right Gear

One of the most important aspects of protection while riding a motorcycle is using the right gear. Helmets, gloves, boots, and motorcycle jackets can help prevent serious injury in case of a crash. Go in person to a retail dealer to make sure you have the proper fit, and invest in quality materials that reduce abrasion. The appropriate armor rating and reflective material can protect you and ensure others know where you are.

Take Safety Classes

Riding a motorcycle is much different than driving a car. It requires a different type of license, which requires written and on-cycle tests. A motorcycle safety course can help ensure you have the most up-to-date and relevant information so you can operate your motorcycle safely. Practice riding a new bike in varying places and weather so you’re not caught off guard in traffic. Before you go out, check the motorcycle’s tires, engine, and any accessories so you know everything is functioning properly.

By following the proper laws and taking preventative measures to reduce risk, riding a motorcycle can be a fun and engaging way to travel. Take the time to make sure you have the right equipment and the right knowledge to be safe as you ride.…

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Backpacker Tips For Staying in Hostels

The majority of the time backpackers will be trying to keep costs at a minimum so that they can then use their money on either travelling to more destinations and/or sightseeing tours or even just for nights out. Therefore backpackers tend to go for the hostel option.

Hostels are basically just dorms which can vary in the number of people staying in a dorm. The more people in the dorm the more the hostel can reduce the rate and this is why hostels are a much cheaper option when compared with a hotel.

Typically you will have to choose between 4, 6 or 10 people dorms and as I mentioned above this will flucuate the cost of the room. While 10 people in one room is a lot, if you’re trying to save costs then this is way to do it.

I myself stayed in one dorm of 10 people in Amsterdam and to be honest I didn’t think it was for me, too many people for my liking. I personally preferred the 4 people dorms but again it comes down to the individual.

Hostels are actually a really great way of meeting people, most of them have a bar and since all the guest are like-minded travellers, you will have a lot in common. This works especially well if you’re a solo traveller because it is very easy to make friends/acquaintances along the way.

In my own experience I even made friends with some Spanish, Hungarian and even Australian friends who lived in London at the time. The benefit here was that later on I got to visit them all in their home countries and had personal tour guides. As for the Aussies I met, living in London, I got to couch surf with them until I found a place.

I know there are people out there who can’t share a room with strangers so again it does come down to how you feel about it and what you’re comfortable with. There is also always a concern about safety and theft of your goods but if you go to a reputable hostel they will have lockers and alternatively you could attach a lock to your bag as well. It is unfortunately that this can happen but in my experience I had no troubles at all.

When booking a hostel please be sure to use a reputable website like . The reason I bring this up is because I used Hostel World for most of my trip until I got to London then I used the one of the sites that came up under Google search’s home page and within 24 hours had fraudulent transaction coming out of my credit card.

Wherever you are going to travel, you should bring usb lighter in anticipation of an emergency, besides that lighter is also very necessary under any circumstances. Given its simple but elegant and easy to carry shape, it is a futuristic lighter without gas.

You don’t necessarily have to use …

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Top 5 Garage Safety Tips

Image result for Top 5 Garage Safety Tips

With many hazards in the form of injury, fire, and electrocution looming around, accidents are not uncommon in garages.  Everything looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Here are five important garage-specific safety tips to help you minimize the risk of injuries at your workplace.

1. Clean oil spills

A floor that is frequented by vehicles is likely to get slippery from the spillage of ice melt, grease, oil, and other fluids from the cars. Avoid possible slips and falls by frequently hosing down your garage flooring using clean water and soap. All employees in the garage should also be advised to walk cautiously and avoid running on the garage floor.

If you have been injured in a garage accident, seek the services of an Atlanta slip and fall attorney to help you file a personal injury claim.

2. Keep your garage clutter-free

Maintaining a clean and clutter-free workspace can help reduce the occurrence of accidents in your garage. Those little pieces of metal, tires, and car parts can easily trip someone and land them face-first on a randomly placed jack. To heighten the safety of your garage, ensure all dangerous tools are only available when they are needed. Store them in cabinets and instruct employees to put the tools back in whenever they are not being used.

3. Pay attention to your garage door

When working perfectly fine, the garage door is perhaps the most neglected thing in the garage. But, when it refuses to close, sticks midpoint, or injures someone, it goes up the list of priorities in a split-second. Addressing your garage door’s basic maintenance requirements is good not only for the smooth running of the garage’s operations but also the safety of the employees using it on a daily basis.

For starters, ensure your door is installed by a professional and inspected at least once every month. If you detect any major flaws, e.g. a faulty reversing mechanism, call an expert to handle the repairs.

4. Be careful with flammable materials

Garages house all sorts of potential fire hazards, from paper to wood through to paint and oil. These flammable materials should be kept in separate storage locations away from regular stuff in the garage. If you have nowhere else to keep the flammable materials other than the garage, ensure that no one smokes near them. Fire outbreaks in garages can be huge and difficult to contain.

5. Provide your workers with appropriate safety attire

Whether or not workers are required to wear uniforms at work is down to the policies that govern a business. Nevertheless, there should be rules in place to ensure your workers’ safety. Make sure every on-duty employee within your garage wears clothes that cover their legs and arms to protect them against burns, scrapes, and cuts. Providing coveralls to each of your employees would be a good place to start.

Your workforce should also have access to personal protective equipment such as kneepads, work gloves, and goggles. Respirators, full-face masks, and …

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How To Become a Truck Driver

Are you looking for a job with decent pay but you don’t have a college degree? Are you looking for something that is all about travel and exists outside of a 9-5 office setting? Truck driving might be for you.

Get Qualified

First, you will need to earn your Commercial Drivers License (CDL). To do so you must be 21 years old and have a clean drivers license. Once this is attained, you can attend a truck driving school. Some schools require you to have a high school diploma or GED, but not all. Depending on the school, this could take between one month and one year. You will also need to pass something called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMSCSR) exam.

Get Hired

Most trucking schools have placement services for graduates, making it easier to find a job right away. The typical starting salary is $30,000 per year. If you are hired by a company they will usually give you additional training and require more testing. Almost everyone starts out as a long-haul trucker, i.e. grain hauling jobs, no matter what your proclivities in school. As you gain experience as a driver you can then specialize in different types of trucks, routes or equipment, and maybe earn up to $55,000 per year.

Get Specific

Once you begin to accumulate experience you can start earning promotions or qualify for specializations that earn more money, like carrying more dangerous loads or driving in more difficult conditions. This might mean carrying corrosive chemicals or becoming an ice road trucker in northern Canada. The increased level of skill usually also corresponds to shorter routes and driving seasons.

Becoming a trucker allows you to enjoy life on the open road. You can play your music as loud as you want and gain valuable thinking time. All while making a decent living!…