The Modern Rules Of Camper Van Travel

Lyle Ellerbee

There are many essentials you must have in your camper van. These can be anything from a kettle and pots to dinnerware, curtains, and bed linen. Of course, comfort is of the utmost importance. You can compromise on style, but do not skimp on comfort. The Campervan Reykjavik has a great guide to camper van travel. They also recommend investing in essential items to ensure you sleep like an actual human.


Your safety in a camper van can vary greatly depending on the location that you are visiting. You may want to choose a well-lit parking area where it will be difficult for trespassers to break into your van. Also, consider choosing a parking spot that offers easy access and exits. If you are in an area with a high crime rate, you may consider using a security company for this purpose.

Another way to ensure your safety in a camper van is to keep your valuables hidden away. Never leave your van unlocked in public areas. You want to ensure your camper van is safe even if you are not there. If you have a security system, install it and keep it updated with the latest safety tips and regulations. If you are unsure how to use one, join a group or sign up for updates.

Seat belts

All states require the front passenger to wear a seat belt while riding in a motorhome or RV, except New Hampshire, which does not have such a law. All other passengers in the motorhome or RV should buckle up, too. However, the rule in New Hampshire only applies to older models of RVs. In any case, everyone in the van should buckle up. Seat belts are an excellent way to protect your family while traveling. Depending on the age of the passengers, the laws for wearing seat belts may differ, so always wear seat belts when traveling with children.

Even though campervans do not come with seatbelts, you should always ensure they are installed in yours. It is best to follow seatbelt laws as they differ from state to state. If your campervan has not installed seat belts, you can easily install them yourself. Seat belts in camper vans are mandatory for drivers and front-seat passengers but not for those in the back seats.

Stealth camping in the wilderness or rural America

If you’re traveling to a remote area, you may want to consider stealth camping. Stealth camping requires that you hide your rig from the road and leave no trace of your presence. Bigger RVs can be difficult to hide in the woods, but there are several advantages to stealth camping in the wilderness or rural America. Here are some tips for a successful camping trip. Keep your rig out of sight, and don’t use lights at night – they’ll attract attention, and you’ll be caught quickly. If you’re caught, play dumb and offer to leave.

Plan and map out seven to ten possible locations before you leave. Try to rotate your site so that you don’t camp in the same spot twice or get caught. Another critical part of stealth camping is managing power. Figure out how long you can live without hookups. Consider what you can live without and what features you need to have. And try to conserve energy when possible. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a peaceful and safe camping trip.

Finding free parking in major cities

When traveling with your camper van, you’ll want to find free places to park overnight. In many cities, public street parking is not permitted. Check with local authorities or online resources to find out if you can park for free on a public street. However, you may also have to check the length and height restrictions. Make sure to leave all exterior decorations and flashy signs behind if you aren’t allowed to do so.

You can also use the Harvest Hosts app to find places where you can park for free. This app will give you a list of public parking places and assume patronage. The subscription is only $79, but it can save you $50 or more on your camping fees. If you don’t have a map handy, you can use a service like Boondockers Welcome to locate free parking.

Booking a campervan

In modern travel, there are specific current rules that you must abide by when booking a campervan. Whether you are using a car-sharing service or a traditional rental company, it is essential to know both rules before making a reservation. Here are some examples. These rules apply to most rental companies. Before you book, read the details of each campervan rental agreement carefully.

The nightly price you will be charged for a campervan includes the rental fee but does not include any supplies like bedding or towels. You will need to purchase these items separately. Additionally, you must pay $9 per person, per night, for each person you are traveling with. This fee helps cover the cost of linens, towels, and other supplies, as well as normal wear and tear on the vehicle.

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