Wreak HAVOC With Your M5 Go Kart!

Lyle Ellerbee

Why settle for playing an off-road inspired ‘driving’ video game ‘indoors’ when you can be outdoors doing the real thing? Here’s how; Its the HAVOC M5 Go Kart! While it may not be the first name you think of in fun karting, it could well be your last. This 2 passenger, four-wheeled machine will provide uninterrupted hours of good times for kids of all ages. Powered by an ultra reliable 126 c.c., 5 horsepower engine that gets outstanding gas mileage, the HAVOC M5 Go Kart will have everyone waiting in line to go for another ride, again and again!

Styled like an off-road buggy -the likes of which you would see running the length of the Baja Peninsula during the famous 1000 mile annual off-road car and motorcycle race- kids will be the envy of their friends as they ride off into the sunset in this famously designed HAVOC M5 Go Kart. CLIMB! TURN!! JUMP!!! SLIDE!!!! Parents can take some relief knowing that with a safe, protective roll-cage surrounding it’s occupants while they tackle the rough terrain that awaits them, young drivers will be having a blast as they hang on for what’s up ahead and just around the next corner. Whether it’s a climb to the top of the nearest sand dune or rushing down a hill and through the woods, nothing could be more fun and exciting that a ride in the HAVOC M5 Go Kart!

But before you go, don’t forget to pack a snack…, something to eat for later. Those cross-country runs through the desert and wide open fields will make you and your co-pilot a couple of hungry competitors. Above the rear-mounted engine and padded, protective headrests is a rack suitable for kids to bring along a picnic lunch when they are ready to take a mid-day pit stop along the trail. Then, when everyone’s ready it’s time again to fasten your seat belts and grab hold of the racing-inspired steering wheel! You’re about to launch back into a world of high-speed thrills and adventure as your trusty four-wheeled machine takes you places you only dreamt about before. The ride is both smooth and fast with the balloon style knobby tires providing a comfortable, bump absorbing ride and enough traction to keep you from getting stuck in the mud!

Probably the greatest reason to own this kind of go kart and have it at your disposal is the unlimited amount of entertainment it can bring to the whole family. Why go to an indoor go-kart track and pay ridiculous fees and have nothing to show for it at the end of the day? With your own HAVOC M5 Go Kart, you are ready at a moments notice to escape and re-discover over and over the great outdoors anytime you please. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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