Puncture Prevention Tyre Sealant

Lyle Ellerbee

Seal-it Gel, a Flat Free puncture prevention was originated over 30 years ago, designed for the military to make their tyres bullet proof. It was then introduced to the commercial market as a puncture proofing product for all commercial and domestic tyres. The sealant converts an ordinary pneumatic tyre in to a self sealing tyre, sealing a punctured hole instantly has they happen.

Seal-it Gel works by removing the valve core from the valve on the tyre. The sealant is then injected into the tyre, forming a protected coating on the inner tread, when an object comes along like a nail and punctures the tyre, the internal air pressure force the sealant into the hole, giving it a permanent seal, giving you full protection and peace of mind at all times.

The tyre sealant will seal a hole up to 6mm on a domestic vehicle and 12mm on commercial vehicles.

Having a sealant in your tyres, not only seals a punctured hole. It will also keep the tyre cool from heat build up and keep the tyre air tight stopping the tyre from becoming under inflated, which is the major cause for blowouts. A correct inflated tyre causes less rolling resistance which will boost fuel efficiency and less wear and tear on the tyres tread. The sealant also acts as a second skin and has the ability to protect the tyre from migration leaks and porosity leaks.

For the fleet vehicles, tyres are a major annual cost. Vehicles travel thousands of miles every week with unlimited opportunity for punctures or blowout, by eliminating under-inflation and therefore rolling resistance the tyres life is extended and fuel economy improved.

Independent test by International authorities show the life of the tyre to be extended by 25%.

Using a Flat free puncture prevention sealant protects against separation of tread and ply, caused by air migration on new and re-tread tyres. This allows for re-tread cycles and extends the life of the casing. The casing is conditioned to retard aging. But when the worn out tyre inspections are required. The none flammable and none hazardous sealant can be easily cleaned away.

For cyclist, particularly every day riders, the ones that deliver goods. A sudden puncture or blowout can be the cause of serious injury or even fatal.

Unlike cars, caravans do not come with a spare tyre, so if you do get a flat and you do not have a spare, your trip away could be ruined. By protecting your tyres with Seal-it Gel, your holiday will not be spoilt, by eliminating punctures and blowouts.

With tyres that have inner tubes, the Seal-it Gel will seal up to 80% of a puncturing object. However if the object is not removed, tubes squirm at high speed and can extend to more damage to the inner tube.

The Seal-it Gel flat free puncture prevention is tested to ECE regulations 30 standard and speeds up to 150 miles per hour 240 kilometres. The Seal-it Gel maintains an even distribution across the whole tyre area. Seal-it Gel prevents punctures and tyre blowouts. Extends tyre life. Improves fuel consumption. Improves fleet undependability. Reduces downtime. Added safety and security. Regardless of the car you drive.

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