3 Things All Truck Drivers Should Have

Lyle Ellerbee

When work keeps you on the road for days or weeks on end, you will need to ensure you have all of the important essentials on you at all times. To keep yourself safe and comfortable, here is a list of things that every truck driver should have.

Know Who to Call

Always be prepared for the worst. Keep various contact numbers on hand that will allow you to easily request assistance if need be, particularly if there is a technology issue that puts your usual methods of communication out of commission. Have a means of contacting commercial vehicle roadside assistance for when things go wrong in addition to any relevant emergency numbers, such as highway patrol and fire and emergency services. 

Pack Plenty of Clothing

Make sure you have clothes for when you are on-duty and off-duty. Aim for comfort and flexibility so that you will be able to remain comfortable while on the road and also properly dressed regardless of what area and climate you are in. Keep gear for surprise poor weather as well, such as a raincoat and hat. Invest in a couple pairs of sunglasses to make sure you are never out of luck if one pair gets damaged or lost.

Keep Safety in Mind

In addition to proper clothing for every type of weather, pack gear that will keep you safe when dealing with both road hazards and whatever surprises your latest haul may contain. Get steel toe work boots and a hard hat that fits you correctly. Have a high-visibility safety vest on hand for if any issues pop up that leave you stuck on the side of the road. Have a sturdy pair of work gloves that you can count on at your side at all times.

By preparing and packing ahead, you can make sure you don’t get caught without the right equipment on hand while out on the road.

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