3 Types of Auto Damage from a Hail Storm

Lyle Ellerbee

There are few people who don’t agree that storms are happening with greater frequency and intensity. Hail often accompanies inclement weather in many regions of the United States. Hail can damage an unprotected vehicle in many ways, sending the owner in search of auto dent removal lakewood co. Here are three common types of damage seen in vehicles following a significant hailstorm.

Broken Glass

Hailstones are chunks of ice in various sizes that fall from the sky like rain. The sizes of these pieces of ice can vary greatly. Once hailstones reach the size of a coin, they can do a great deal of damage to a car. A common form of damage is broken, cracked or pitted glass.

Damaged auto glass is a significant safety hazard. The damage should be evaluated to determine if the glass can be repaired or must be replaced. Drivers will find most insurance companies cover glass damage from hail as part of an insurance policy’s comprehensive coverage.

Scratched Paint

Auto paint can become significantly scratched and chipped from exposure to hail. During storms, strong winds may drag hail across the surface of the vehicle. Individual Peugeot 108 Personal Lease pieces of hail can have razor-sharp edges, making a car’s paint job vulnerable to damage.

Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be appropriate to spot paint or even buff out scratches. Extensive damage to a car’s paint may require a new paint job.

Dented Body

Even a moderate Peugeot 108 Used Cars hailstorm can leave an exposed vehicle dented. The dents may be small with no accompanying damage to the paint or large with chipped paint.

When no paint has been damaged, paintless dent repair is usually a good solution. If scratched paint accompanies denting, the vehicle may need to undergo full bodywork.

It is a good idea to closely examine any vehicles exposed to a hailstorm. The sooner the damage is evaluated, the faster the process of filing insurance claims and repairs can begin.

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