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Yamaha Bicycles YDX-Moro First Look

Cycle News Staff | August 5, 2020

In July 2020, Yamaha released its first class 3 e-bike, the Civante, to the U.S. market. A Class-3 electric-bicycle provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and that assistance up to 28 miles per hour. The next evolution for Yamaha is the release of two new full-suspension e-MTB, the YDX- Moro ($4,499) and YDX- Moro Pro ($5,499).

Yamaha Bicycles Moro and Moro Pro E-bike

The YDX- Moro models are Class 1 e-Bikes, delivering pedal assist up to 20 mph. The new Moro trail bikes feature a new motor, a quad sensor system, new auto and walk modes and a dual twin frame. Here is the Yamaha Bicycles YDX-Moro First Look:

VIDEO | Yamaha Bicycles YDX-Moro Introduction


“This is the bike that Yamaha fans have been asking for, a full-suspension e-Bike crafted through a collaboration of Yamaha designers and engineers to create the best handling, best assist-feeling all-mountain e-Bike on the market, hands down,” said Drew Engelmann, Yamaha’s Power Assist Bicycle group sales and marketing manager. “Yamaha has designed a frame like no one else before, developed a new drive unit with all-new features, and, true to Yamaha’s engineering legacy, put together a total package that works so well together, it’s going to raise the bar for the all-mountain e-Bike segment from here forward. Yamaha just redefined the ‘all-mountain’ category – to ‘every mountain.’”

Yamaha Moro mountain bike

Below is the full release from Yamaha:

Cypress, CA (August 5, 2020)  – Yamaha Bicycles has announced full details on the quality components, superior handling characteristics, and form fitting geometry for the highly-anticipated YDX-Moro and YDX-Moro Pro models on

Yamaha recently unveiled the all-new e-Bikes’ key features, including a new PW-X2 drive unit with a new proprietary Quad Sensor System with an angle sensor, along with new Automatic, MTB and Walk Assist modes; an all-new patent pending Dual Twin™ frame design that delivers a superior combination of handling performance and durability; and Yamaha’s first-ever full-suspension e-MTB setup with Horst link design.

Yamaha YDX-Moro with 160mm fork travel
Yamaha YDX-Moro
Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro
Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro

While the two models feature the same high-performing frame, drive unit and battery from Yamaha, the YDX-Moro Pro features an enhanced components package to meet the demands of the most experienced MTB riders. While a full list of specifications can be found at, key differentiators include the following:

  • Front and Rear RockShox Suspension: The YDX-Moro features the highly tunable RockShox Revelation RC fork and Deluxe Select+ rear shock suspension components, while the YDX-Moro Pro includes the strong and buttery smooth YARI RC fork and Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock. Both incorporate RockShox’s updated DebonAir air spring and proven Motion Control damper with a total of 160mm of travel. This combination maintains a higher ride height and smooth performance for ultimate confidence when riding steep and rough terrain.
  • Drive Train Package: The YDX-Moro model comes with a Shimano SLX 11-speed package, along with a KMC e11 Turbo chain. The YDX-Moro Pro model is equipped with the performance Shimano setup, including an XT shifter, long-cage derailleur, and 11-speed 11/46T cassette, driven by a KMC e11 Turbo EPT chain.
  • Brakes Package: For optimal braking in extreme off-road conditions, both the Moro and Moro Pro models are equipped with high-performance Magura MT30 brakes and 203mm Storm CL Rotors. The YDX-Moro features four-piston brakes in the front, and two-piston in the rear, while the YDX-Moro Pro model features four-piston brakes all around.
  • Tubeless Compatible 27.5+ Wheelset, and Plus-sized Tires: Boasting an internal rim width of 40mm, both models feature a Yamaha-designed 27.5+ alloy wheelset built with Boost hub spacing for a more direct chain line in the rear wheel and wider hub flange for increase spoke strength to the rim. The YDX-Moro Pro is equipped with Maxxis High Roller II 27.5 x 2.8-inch tires in both the front and rear. The YDX-Moro is equipped with a CST BFT 27.5 x 2.8-inch tire in the front and a CST Patrol 27.5 x 2.8-inch tire in the rear. Both models feature tubeless compatible rims and rim strips.
Yamaha Moro with Yamaha power assist Yamaha Moro Pro sully suspended E-bike

“We couldn’t be more excited for people to experience how our new drive unit and new frame design work as-one. We’ve created a never-felt-before level of rider control and balance with our Dual-Twin frame design in perfect alignment with the powerful and easy functionality of the new PW-X2 drive unit,” said Drew Engelmann, Yamaha’s Power Assist Bicycle group sales and marketing manager. “Yamaha has designed this bike to deliver on its promise to bring a new level of unified power and performance to all types of e-MTB trails, and with these quality components, we’re rounding out the package to make these YDX-Moro models an absolutely phenomenal ride.”

Yamaha Moro front disc
Both the Moro and the Moro Pro models are equipped with high-performance Magura MT30 brakes and 203mm Storm CL Rotors.
Speed sensor on the Yamaha Moro
Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles have a speed sensor engineered into the rear hub.
Dual twin frame on the Yamaha Bicycles YDX-Moro
The horizontal positioning of the rear shock results in a reduced saddle height, lower stand-over height, and makes it easier to put a foot down (similar to MX-style riding) while navigating obstacles.
Yamaha YDX-Moro control switch
With the control switch, riders can set it to AUTO, which automatically toggles from ECO, STD and HIGH modes.
Yamaha YDX-Moro and Moro Pro have 160mm of fork travel.
Yamaha YDX-Moro and Moro Pro have 160mm of fork travel.

Other features not previously announced that are equipped on the all-new YDX-Moro models include the following:

  • New PW-X2 Control Switch: A sleek and newly designed PW-X2 control switch maintains the ergonomic and tactile feel benefit found on other Yamaha bicycles while adding a push-assist feature button. Holding the up button for one second activates Automatic Mode, automatically measuring performance and adjusting assist levels accordingly.
  • Integrated Dropper Post: Push lever control adjusts saddle height from the handlebar. A quick push of the lever lowers the rider’s center of gravity for descents, corners and jumps.
  • Speed Sensor Rear Hub: Exclusive to Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles is a speed sensor engineered into the rear hub, which recognizes the slightest change in bicycle speed and adjusts motor input to deliver a smooth and natural power assist feel for the ultimate ride experience.
Yamaha Bicycles YDX-Morosuspended bicycle

The YDX-Moro is scheduled to begin arriving at bicycle retailers as early as September. The YDX-Moro will be available in Desert Yellow with an MSRP of $4,499, and the YDX-Moro Pro will be available in Podium Blue/Nickel with an MSRP of $5,499.

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