Things You Can Inflate With an Air Compressor!

Lyle Ellerbee

The air compressor is one of the unsung heroes of daily life. There are hundreds of things that use compressors, and there are hundreds of ways you can use a compressor. One of the most often uses for the air compressor is for inflating things. You can certainly imagine a few things that can be inflated with the use of the appropriate sized air compressor. Each inflation job requires a different sized air compressor to get the job done right without any blowouts or catastrophic failure.

Another important tip you should keep in mind while using (playing with) an air compressor is that you should keep your air compressor in good shape by making sure its air oil separator is working correctly, and by always having a stock of Ingersoll Rand compressor parts on hand.

Just to give you a taste of the fun and practicality of inflating things with an air compressor, here are a few ‘inflatable’ ideas.


Have you ever decided to throw a pool party then realize that you didn’t have a pool or any fun pool floaties (hopefully you wouldn’t decide to throw a pool party without a pool-its commonsense)? Once you’ve purchased all the fun pool party supplies; inflatable pool, pool floaties, and water wings for the kiddos you decide that blowing up all of these inflatable items using only your mouth and pair of lungs would be tiring. So, you pull out the compressor you have stashed away in your woodshop. With the right nozzle, the compressor can inflate the pool and the floaties, but to prevent popping, you should probably inflate the water wings on your own.

On the Road Again…

Air compressors that have been well maintained (a working air oil separator and brand spanking new set of Ingersoll rand compressor parts), can inflate an entire fleet of tires. A compressor can inflate the tires of: cars, ATVs, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, golf carts, go carts, airlines use huge compressors to inflate the huge tires on their airplanes.

For Saving Lives

Speaking of airplanes, the emergency slide that inflates from the side of the airplane is inflated using a blast of compressed air. Also, you can use compressed air to inflate emergency rafts, or just to inflate a raft for recreational use. No one wants to inflate a raft with their mouth-they taste like latex rubber and take a lot of breath to fill.

For the Home and Backyard

You can use air compressors to inflate temporary mattresses for sleepovers, inflate bouncy houses for birthday parties, or to inflate those giant sumo suits.

Other Uses for an Air Compressor

Yes, compressors are very good at inflating things, but they also have other uses; blowing air to clean off workbenches (sawdust, dust, and other debris can get in everything), to clean filters, to dry vehicles after a good washing, and to spray dust and crumbs from under the keys on your keyboard (a much smaller compressor is recommended for this job).

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