Pick of the Week: Artic Cat 400 4×4

Lyle Ellerbee

Generally speaking, Artic Cat ATVs have a huge market share as far as mid-range ATVs are concerned. Combine their affordability with high quality parts – they have gained good ground on the ATVs that they produce and thus far, have a lot of ATV fans hooked. The 2007 model comes in three versions to meet the different needs of different ATV riders. The good thing is that there’s an option for you to purchase the Arctic Cat ATV which is a single-seater or you can pick the Artic Cat that is a double-seater – the choice is yours to make. Accordingly, the price difference is roughly $1,000. The other Arctic Cat 400 versions are ones with and without automatic transmission.

Other features of Arctic Cat 400 4×4 ATV

o Suzuki-built engine

o Engine is air-cooled, four-stroke, four valves and one overhead cam

o Manual is five speed with high and low range; comes with reverse

o Option: two or four wheel drive

o Locking front differential

o Ten inches of travel at both ends; twelve inches ground clearance underneath

What others have to say about Arctic Cat 400 4×4 ATV

This ATV is more comfortable than we first expected it to be – the seat is extremely soft and comfortable to ride on making every ride you have on the ATV a smash! Most Arctic Cat fans say that the thing that they were most impressed with were the fact that it had a front lock differential – it’s almost impossible to get stuck in this ATV. “One time, I was ready to bring on the winch but then I suddenly remembered that my Arctic Cat had front differential feature and within a heart beat, I was out. It was amazing”, says Kenneth Mahon (35), a satisfied Arctic Cat ATV fan.

Cody Zimmerman (22), is absolutely in love with his Arctic Cat 400 and says that it’s an AWESOME machine to have simply because of it’s ground clearance. It’s fast enough, safe enough, fun enough and can go just about anywhere a two-wheeler and four-wheeler can go. And Cody reckons that Arctic Cat gives good pricing for an ATV like this too!

Other reviews of Arctic Cat 400 4×4 ATV

However, it’s not all beds and roses with the Arctic Cat because one problem we found was that the gears were set too high. For instance, the reverse gear was set so high that if you tried to reverse yourself out of the mud, you won’t be able to because it won’t have enough power to get the ATV out. Perhaps a change of tires would do the trick, so, it’s all trial and error here.

Arctic Cat 400 is probably not the best machine to race on but it is definitely one of the best ATVs to own if you love get a little muddy! It’s got the power to get the machine out of anything if you get the right tires and it’s decently fast. But we reckon it’s nothing a little modification can’t fix. And for that price? Come on!

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