How To Replace The Motor Of Your RV Awning

Lyle Ellerbee

Awnings are a perennial favorite among RV-ers. Not only do they improve the outdoor experience by protecting you from the rain and the sun, but the right add-ons like LED lighting and attachable rooms also make life-on-the-road more convenient. In fact, electric RV awnings are all the rage right now since they cost less, and RV-ers can set them up easily. The problem is, like all electrical equipment, this product too experiences problems and most of them are motor-related. Imagine the surprise when a potential RV buyer visits you and finds that the awning motor doesn’t work. If you want to get cash for your RV, this is a deal-breaker for many interested parties. To avoid facing such a situation, you need to replace the awning motor. This doesn’t require any special skills, and you can complete this task yourself. Find out how below:

Select the Right Motor

It’s easy to get confused by the options of automatic RV awnings available in the market. However, make the ones with manual override features your priority. This nifty emergency feature allows RV-ers to pull back the awning manually when there is no electricity. You will find lots of electric awnings with built-in receivers which you can easily operate using a remote control or a wall-mounted control switch. Some brands add wind-and-sun sensors to their products, allowing them to open and close automatically depending on the weather condition. You can plug motorized awnings into a standard RV power outlet.

Get the New Awning Ready

Keep the mounting bracket in a retracted position and remove the product. Gently lay it on the ground and take off the end cap. Now, you must loosen the roller end bracket securing bolts. This will allow you to slide the bracket to the left-end so that the torsion bar is easily removable. After removing the gear, remember to take off the square toe too. This part will no longer be necessary; the motor will substitute its place.

Set Up the Motor

Slide the motor to the end of the motor tube, and connect every piece of hardware. Check the manual once, as the included components tend to vary from one manufacturer to another. Now, put the gear for the manual handle back into its place along with the roller end bracket. Make sure you tighten the securing bolts’ nuts. Then install the end cap. Connect the awning securely to the mounting brackets and reinstall it. Finally, hook up your motor cable to the wall control panel. If you buy a wireless model, set up the wireless control bracket in a shaded area and plug the wall control panel cable into the electrical wall receptacle. Inspect each of the buttons on the remote and switch to know whether they’re working the way they should.

RV awnings are capable of transforming the outdoor area into something spectacular, and that significantly increases the value of your RV. However, before you place your RV in the market to sell it for cash, make sure the motor is working carefully. This will ensure the deal goes through smoothly, and your potential customer finds no reason to back out of the deal!

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