How to Choose an RV – Learning About the 8 Different Types

Lyle Ellerbee

There are approximately eight types of RV classifications. Before buying a new or used RV, it is important to get a handle on what this new lingo means.

Getting a bit of knowledge here will save you some confusion and embarrassment in the future.

So, without further ago, I present you with:

8 Types of Rvs- Understanding RV Classifications:

1. Class A Motorhome: You start with a stripped chassis, sprinkle in a suspension, some instruments, and let the manufactuerer build the whole thing up from there. The biggest and most expensive rigs are usually Class A Motorhomes.

2. Class B Motor home (Camping Van Conversion): This is a small motor home built on a van chassis. Usually you keep the same van body but raise the roof for more interior space.

3. Class C Motorhome: This is a motor home with a van front but a cut-away chassis. A shade bigger than a Class B, and is often built on top of a Commercial Freightliner, General Motors, Ford, Sprinter, and International chassis.

4. Travel Trailer: This is a tow-behind camper that includes almost all sizes and price points. What sets the travel trailer apart is that is fits to a normal bumper-level hitch.

5. Fifth-Wheel Trailer (5th Wheel Trailer): These are like travel trailers except they require a pick-up truck and a special (huge) fifth-wheel trailer hitch in the bed of the truck. There are all different sizes of fifth-wheel trailers, but many of the biggest and most luxurious RV’s are 5th wheels.

6. Folding Camping Trailer: Usually one of the first trailers someone gets. They fold down and are light and easy to move. Once at the campsite, they open up into a surprising amount of space.

7. Truck Camper: This is a small living space that can be slid into the back of a pickup truck. These are sometimes called Slide-In trailers.

8. Sport-Utility Recreational Vehicle (SURV): This is a typical motor home but with a garage all it’s own. You can take your motorized toys along with you… something like a dirt bike, motorcycle, or quad.

Now that you know the 8 types of RV’s, why not go out and see if you can spot the difference!

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