Find an Emglo Air Compressor For Any Job

Lyle Ellerbee

The Emglo Air Mate 3.2 CFM Air Compressor AM700-HC4V which was recently added to Emglo’s famous and remarkable range of compressors boasts an impressive 2hp engine for compression. It is made with an overload protective motor to guard against too much pressure and operates at 125psi. Just like the rest of the compressors, it is an impressively powerful little air compressor that also features a neat set of automatic start and stop control buttons.

Emglo is a brand that has been around for 35 years and is manufactured by a very trust-worthy company. The Emglo brand carries a notable line of portable and wheeled types of air compressors. Anyone who has done some work using it, will confirm to not only the efficiency of Emglo machines, but also their dependability and durability.

The compressors from Emglo are usually priced right and are quite affordable. They are easy to operate and will always provide a constant supply of clean compressed air wherever it is required in a strong and steady flow. Emglo compressors will provide enough pressure to power all your tools and utilities that utilize the power of compressed air such as nail guns, power sanders, staplers, spray guns, powered wrenches etc. or just enough air for filling up all your car or bike tires, foot balls, floaters and other blow up and inflatable items.

Other models in the Emglo line of air compressors include, the Emglo 1-1/2 HP Air-Mate Compressor AM78-HC4V, the heavy duty Emglo Master Series Wheeled Portable Compressor MK5HGA-8, the Emglo 2 HP 14.1 Amp Electric Master Series Compressor M800-HC4V, the big capacity Emglo 2 HP 4 Gallon Air Compressor M805-HC4S, the ultra portable Emglo Air Mate Hand Carry Compressor AM390-HC4V, the pure air Emglo Air-Mate Oil Less Hand Carry Compressor AMDOL780-HC4V, Emglo Master Series Hand Carry Compressor M790-HC4V, the big Emglo Master Series Wheeled Portable Compressor MG8HGA-8P, the Emglo Master Series Wheeled Portable Compressor MK2A-8P, Emglo Master Series Hand Carry Compressor M990-HC4V and the Emglo Air Mate Hand Carry Compressor AM780-HC4V which is also a lovely portable piece of equipment.

All in all, from Emglo, you are sure to find just the right one for any and all your needs. Spare parts for all the wearable components are also affordable and readily available. When picking the Emglo compressor, get the model that provides just enough power for all your needs because any higher output could result in a waste of resources.

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