Review Car Dodge Dart


Dodge Dart is a stylish and well-designed car that offers a great balance of comfort, performance, and affordability. The car has a sporty look that sets it apart from its rivals and offers a lot of features that make it a popular choice among car buyers. If you are in […]

The Untrained Mechanic

Lyle Ellerbee

If you have been through the manufacturer-dealership gauntlet with a lemon vehicle, you probably wondered why they didn’t simply fix the problem and let you get on with your life. You didn’t start your day thinking, how can I get the manufacturer, or this %$%^$& dealership to pay. You’d be […]

Importance of Rideshare Insurance

Lyle Ellerbee

The rideshare industry is growing and just keeps expanding. This means that in theory, the demand for rideshare insurance should be growing, too. But, that is not the case, in fact, about 90% of drivers that are a part of Uber or Lyft do not have rideshare insurance. Why is […]

Car Accessories – Decorate Your Dream Car

Lyle Ellerbee

Car accessories are the beauty boosters that completely revamp the whole appearance of a car. Being rich in elegance and style, they contribute to upping the comfort quotient that all car users love to bask in. Chromatic and cushy seat covers along with attractive circular wrappings for steering wheels make […]

NASCAR Legend – Geoff Bodine

Lyle Ellerbee

Geoffrey Eli Bodine is best known for his success in NASCAR. During his 51-year career, he was involved in many forms of racing, starting with micro-midgets at the age of 5 and working his way up to Cup racing. He was famous in the Northwest for wining more modified races […]

All about Electric Hybrid Cars

Lyle Ellerbee

For many, electric hybrid cars are a glimpse into the future of automobiles. They consume less gasoline, save money, and preserve the environment. The hybrid cards are favored by consumers, backed by the governments, and hailed by the environmental services. The raising gasoline price and increased pollution often drive more […]

Tips For Maintaining Your Car Tyres

Lyle Ellerbee

An essential part of car maintenance is keeping your tyres in its excellent condition. Know that it is both dangerous and illegal to drive with damaged tyres. When it comes to tyre maintenance, there are plenty of numbers of things you must consider. Car Tyre Maintenance Tips Rotation – Tyres […]