What should be done before driving the truck to prepare

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 keep the truck in good condition, and do not drive with failure!

Routine check before driving every time

Switch on the truck power

Rotate the red handle 90 degrees anticlockwise to open the main power switch.

Check the working condition of entire circuitry 

After the key switch is turned on (in ON), that is, KL15 is connected, the bus system carries out the self-test

Check each device

All instruments: the pointer of the instrument rotates to the full scale from mechanical limit within 2 s after power on. Later, the odometer and engine tachometer return to zero position, and the barometer, fuel gauge and water temperature gauge indicate the measured value of current system.
All indicator lights: all are lit for 1s and then return to actual state.
LCD: 2s interval, display LOGO of CNHTC and normal travel page successively (display the voltage and engine oil pressure).

After completion of self-test, if any current axle and wheel differential lock switches and all-wheel drive switch is closed, the differential lock indicator page will be displayed;

Check the coolant, fuel oil and engine oil

Check the coolant

The expansion tank is in the engine maintenance chamber and the coolant can be filled after open this chamber.Check the level of coolant in the expansion tank , and if the level is too low, the coolant with stipulated specification shall be filled until reaching the stipulated scale mark.The pressure relief valve can keep the cooling system have a certain pressure to atmosphere to increase the boiling point of the coolant.The pressure relief valve plays a more important role in the plateau area and cannot be replaced and damaged at will.

Check the fuel oil quantity

Turn on the key switch, check the fuel oil quantity on the fuel gauge or by taking out the dip stick in the fuel tank If finding the indication of fuel gauge is incorrect, please check the fuel gauge and oil level sensor.

Check the engine oil quantity

The truck is parked on the level road, after the engine cooling, pull out the dipstick and the engine oil level shall between the upper and lower scale marks (the oil quantity between upper and lower scale marks is about 3L). If the level is lower than the lower scale mark, the engine oil with stipulated specification shall be filled until reaching the stipulated level and cover the oil filler cap tight.

Fill the spray liquid

The spray liquid filler port is on the left pedal of the cab. Uncover the outer cover, pull out, rotate and adjust the filler port as shown in the figure, and fill the spray liquid.

Check the tire pressure

The tire pressure must be normal during the tire use process.The wheel and tire size required of the truck are used.The tire is aging gradually because of sunniness and environmental factors. The tire (spare tire) shall be replaced once every six years at least after use for six years.

Check the pre-filter

Check whether the pre-filter inlet is blocked with foreign matters to prevent the too high negative pressure of the air intake system; check whether the pre-filter impeller rotates freely, or otherwise, the pre-filter shall be maintained or replaced to prolong the maintenance period of the air intake system.

Check the air filter

Check whether the pipe between the pre-filter outlet and supercharger inlet is damaged, if so, it shall be blocked timely and replaced with new pipe, or otherwise, it will causes serious early wear of the engine.

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