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Protecting Your Car From Rats

If animals can talk, they would likely say that India is one of the places that are very friendly to them. In fact, you get to see animals roaming around the metropolis and even mingling with humans. People who get queasy looking at rats and other rodents are likely to get surprised how Indians tolerate their presence. Because of religion and other cultural practices, rats are among the most common animals roaming the streets of the country.

Buddhism is one of the religions that strongly revere the presence of animals and because of this, Indians are less likely to harm animals, even rats. Not only do they populate in houses, they also destroy properties like cars. Known for being destructive, rats are fond of snacking on just about anything and even cars are not safe from them. Before car owners get to know it, rats are already eating on their car’s parts, especially if they do not have precautionary measures in place. As sacred animals, humans try to not inflict any physical pain on these animals as much as possible.

Thankfully, there is already technology that would drive away these animals from populating homes and damaging properties. An answer to the question ‘how to protect car from rats in India?’ has been made available in the form of ultrasonic frequency. Through this technological advancement, properties, especially cars are protected from the sneaky rats. Scientists have figured out that there is a certain frequency that animals cannot tolerate. When these ultrasonic car repellents are activated, rats are driven away from the source location as they cannot tolerate the decibels produced by the device.

To drive rats away, an ultrasonic car repellent emits a sound that is barely audible to humans, but can be very annoying to animals. As these repellent do not kill the animals, most property owners prefer this humane method of protecting their cars. No physical harm is done to any animal within close range of the device and humans are not affected by it either. There are several companies across the country that are already manufacturing various versions of these repellents. A specialized type of this ultrasonic repellent is for the protection of car engines, where rats mostly infest in.

The durability of these ultrasonic car repellents makes it a cost-efficient means of driving away rats. This device doesn’t have any special instructions making it very easy to use and it has already been proven to be very effective against rats. A simple analogy of the function of the product is the sound a jackhammer creates when you are very close to the source location. By employing this technology, property owners are able to safeguard their belongings from the dangerous rats without causing them any serious harm.