What Is The Difference Between A Wheel And A Tyre?

Lyle Ellerbee

There are many interesting facts that people don’t realise. One of them would be that there really is a difference between a wheel and a tyre.

What is a wheel?

A wheel is the part of the car that is known as the part that is rounded and is attached to an axle and a hub. This does not include the tyre and the mag. The hub is the section that allows the rounded part of the wheel to be fixed to the axle, and is also known as the mounting assembly. It often has something called a hub cap to protect this piece.

Did you know that the wheel came before the tyre? The carriages, old fashioned tractors and ploughs were made with this handy invention. The whole purpose of the wheel was to assist with easy movement which made life and travelling easier as well as cheaper than riding a horse!.

What is a tyre?

The tyre is simply the part that is made out of rubber and assists the car with more practical movement. The rubber grips the road to avoid a no-friction experience. Think of roller skating and how a simple push will get you far. Before we had cars, horses and cattle would pull the transport along. However cars don’t require to be pulled, rather there are many spinning parts thus the car will need something to assist with the forward movement.

So what is a mag?

The word mag sounds unique and unexpected when mentioning it in general conversation. But did you know that its name originates from the word magnesium? The component is not made completely out of magnesium but rather partnered up with aluminium. Aluminium can be bent easily and moulded into different shapes but when combined with magnesium extra strength is added so that the mag remains light. This became a common trend in the 1960’s when they were first produced.

When we speak in normal conversation, we always refer to the mag as the wheel or the tyre and wheel component as a wheel. This has made terms easier since people who are only interested in customisations aren’t interested in the mechanical factor or the car.

When speaking to a professional, they expect to have the correct information if you arrive with a problem. A professional will be more familiar with the correct terms for tyres, wheels and mags because it is something that they work with every day.

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