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What Are ATVs

All Terrain Vehicles popularly known as ATVs are multipurpose utility and recreational vehicles which are used for adventure tourism, farming, natural resource exploration, trail riding, camping and surveillance. Since its introduction in Canada in the 1970s, ATV’s popularity has grown manifold, it is now owned by people throughout the world. People of US, Canada and Australia are the biggest users of All Terrain Vehicles.

An ATV runs on low pressure tires and has handlebars for steering control. It is a very stable vehicle and has the capability to travel on difficult terrains, where other vehicles can not travel, though due to safety reasons use of ATVs on public roads is banned in many countries. These are special vehicles and require professional training before you start riding them. Use of proper apparels, helmets, and ATV accessories helps in protecting rider from various injuries.

Keeping in mind the safety of kids, ATV manufactures have introduced low powered ATVs for kids which travel at low speeds and are easy to handle. Manufacturers also provide ATV accessories which can be attached to the ATVs for kids to further enhance the safety of your kids.

The growing popularity of ATV vehicles and increase in demand for ATV accessories have resulted in an increase in number of ATV dealers which sell new and used ATVs. ATV accessory and ATV parts are also made available by these ATV dealers. An ATV accessory helps to increase the driving experience and enhances the performance of your ATV vehicle. ATV accessories are used by ATV owners to customize their vehicle according to the terrain where it will be used. Most of these accessories are cheap and easily available. Various accessories available for an All Terrain vehicle are chainsaw mount to protect the chain of the vehicle, storage devices, seats, fuel storage devices, gauntlets, headgear, apparels, etc.

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