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Top 5 Garage Safety Tips

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With many hazards in the form of injury, fire, and electrocution looming around, accidents are not uncommon in garages.  Everything looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Here are five important garage-specific safety tips to help you minimize the risk of injuries at your workplace.

1. Clean oil spills

A floor that is frequented by vehicles is likely to get slippery from the spillage of ice melt, grease, oil, and other fluids from the cars. Avoid possible slips and falls by frequently hosing down your garage flooring using clean water and soap. All employees in the garage should also be advised to walk cautiously and avoid running on the garage floor.

If you have been injured in a garage accident, seek the services of an Atlanta slip and fall attorney to help you file a personal injury claim.

2. Keep your garage clutter-free

Maintaining a clean and clutter-free workspace can help reduce the occurrence of accidents in your garage. Those little pieces of metal, tires, and car parts can easily trip someone and land them face-first on a randomly placed jack. To heighten the safety of your garage, ensure all dangerous tools are only available when they are needed. Store them in cabinets and instruct employees to put the tools back in whenever they are not being used.

3. Pay attention to your garage door

When working perfectly fine, the garage door is perhaps the most neglected thing in the garage. But, when it refuses to close, sticks midpoint, or injures someone, it goes up the list of priorities in a split-second. Addressing your garage door’s basic maintenance requirements is good not only for the smooth running of the garage’s operations but also the safety of the employees using it on a daily basis.

For starters, ensure your door is installed by a professional and inspected at least once every month. If you detect any major flaws, e.g. a faulty reversing mechanism, call an expert to handle the repairs.

4. Be careful with flammable materials

Garages house all sorts of potential fire hazards, from paper to wood through to paint and oil. These flammable materials should be kept in separate storage locations away from regular stuff in the garage. If you have nowhere else to keep the flammable materials other than the garage, ensure that no one smokes near them. Fire outbreaks in garages can be huge and difficult to contain.

5. Provide your workers with appropriate safety attire

Whether or not workers are required to wear uniforms at work is down to the policies that govern a business. Nevertheless, there should be rules in place to ensure your workers’ safety. Make sure every on-duty employee within your garage wears clothes that cover their legs and arms to protect them against burns, scrapes, and cuts. Providing coveralls to each of your employees would be a good place to start.

Your workforce should also have access to personal protective equipment such as kneepads, work gloves, and goggles. Respirators, full-face masks, and other special PPE may be required for specialist jobs such as painting and welding.