The Used BMW Z4 Still a Favourite

Lyle Ellerbee

The last 50 years have been exceptionally rewarding for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG better known as BMW motors. While most people cannot pronouce the full meaning of those letters, they have nevertheless become synonymous with style, quality and prestige. BMW has been accorded this respect practically all over the world as can be seen by its worldwide presence. While other car makers such as Mercedes, Jaguar and Lexus have also made impressive strides in the last two decades, BMW can be said to be the only one among them that has stood the test of time and emerged virtually unscathed. Among its many brands, one of the few that stands out among sports enthusiasts is the z4.

A new BMW z4 can run you anywhere between $25,000 to $40,000 depending on what features are installed. Most people who can afford the cash have no problem buying a smarkling new z4. But because of harsh economic times that have blanketed many parts of the West, people are going bargain hunting and the used BMW z4 is among the list.

The z4 has a sportish look that seems to defy time. It is a cross between a 1985 look and that of a futuristic sports car. This is because of its characteristically long front end relative to its back. The z4 can come in metallic grey, monaco blue but black and regular blue have also proven popular. Like the z3, the z4 is also a convertible but should circumstances dictate, the car has a roof that can be retracted back.

The z4 is a 2-door vehicle which makes it more ideal for the single male or female or couple. Many families usually have it as a second vehicle either for recreational trips or romantic getaways. The z4 is also extremely popular with the younger generation notably because of its exotic look and fast speeds.

If you are contemplating purchasing a used BMW Z4, you will not be disappointed. The car comes standard with leather seats which have a internal heating mechanism. The V8 gasoline powered engine boasts exceptional performance in its class.

The transmission boasts dynamic stability which is a computer regulated mechanism which monitors traction control and allows the driver to maintain the car in perfect balance regardless of terrain, weather conditions or speeds. An ABS anti-lock brake system ensures stability especially when the car comes to a sudden stop. Twin-tube-gas-pressure shocks also ensure that the car negotiates bumpy terrain graciously. The tires also come with dynamic traction control to minimize skids especially in icy or rainy terrain.

The interior of the z4 comes with leather seats with a heating index, dual air bags and climate-controlled AC. Power windows and intermittent wipers are also a standard feature of the z4. For safety, the convertible comes with dual airbags that have an on/off switch.

The car also comes with AM/FM radio that has XM satellite capabilities. Auxiliary jacks are also present in the event that one wants to attach additional devices such as a GPS system or an iPod.

The internet offers excellent sources for used BMW z4. Prices range from $21,000 to $28,000 depending on accessories and age.

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