The Road Map to Safety for New Drivers

Lyle Ellerbee

There’s no feeling quite like getting your first car. New drivers are overcome with excitement as thoughts of freedom, independence and the thrill of the open road clutch the mind. Acquiring a car is only the first step, however. Before one can join the nearly 228 million Americans estimated to be on the road in 2019, a driver must go through several critical safety steps to ensure he or she – and the car – is road ready.


Nobody likes doing paperwork, but it’s a necessity if you want to operate an automobile. Individuals must obtain a valid operator’s license through his or her state in order to legally drive. This includes passing a driving exam to demonstrate an ability to effectively operate a vehicle. In most states, cars also must be registered through the motor vehicles department. Finally, purchasing auto insurance is a requirement throughout the country.


Before a vehicle may be driven, it must undergo a comprehensive inspection. This procedure ensures the integrity of the vehicle, from brakes and tires to windshield and wiper blades. Critical components like the engine, chassis and steering column also are examined, and a car must receive a passing grade in order to get on the road. Most states require annual or biennial inspections, which also may include an emissions test. Drivers should search for car inspection near me hendersonville nc to find a licensed mechanic or garage.

Safety Check

The inspection will alert you to major problems, but minor maintenance issues arise throughout the year. To stay safe on the road, be sure to engage a performance check before driving. This includes checking air pressure and inflating or deflating tires if necessary, ensuring all lights and turn signals work properly, establishing that tire tread is at a safe level and topping off wiper fluid.

Getting behind the wheel is great, but you have to drive the right way before hitting the highway. The road to successful car ownership begins with safety.

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