The Invisible Circle – A 1960s Motorcycle Safety Film

Lyle Ellerbee

The Invisible Circle is a motorcycle security movie from the 1960s, nevertheless it is certainly dated it truly consists of a exceptional volume of beneficial data – information that could help you save your lifestyle nowadays, 60 a long time immediately after the film was released.

Bikes have normally been preferred for lower charge transportation, motorcycle adoption exploded after WWII as they supplied a transportation choice that could be acquired inexpensively, employed gas sparingly, and ended up typically low cost to register and insure.

In the 1960s bikes from Japan began to make inroads into the United States, the most significant solitary-nation motorbike market in the planet at the time.

Maybe the most signifiant Japanese motorcycle of this period was also just one of the most diminutive – the Honda Tremendous Cub.

The Invisible Circle Motorcycle Safety Film 3

The Super Cub has been as opposed with the Product T Ford, Volkswagen Beetle, Mini, Jeep, and Land Rover – it was a groundbreaking layout that has now come to be the solitary most developed motor vehicle in environment heritage, with about 100 million created.

This motorbike basic safety film was funded by the American Honda Motor Business Inc. – which unquestionably explains why all the motorcycles you’ll see in the movie are Hondas.

That said it is worthy of noting that the film is not a evident advertising for Honda, and it has numerous lessons about riding that lots of (like me) could possibly come across incredibly practical.

If you’d like to study far more about the heritage of the Honda Tremendous Cub you can click right here to see an fantastic timeline that tracks it from 1958 to the present-day working day.

The Invisible Circle Motorcycle Safety Film 2
The Invisible Circle Motorcycle Safety Film 1

The Invisible Circle Motorcycle Safety Film 1

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