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Advantages of Sous Vide Cooking

While not many may have heard of it, sous vide is increasingly gaining attention among home cooks. While it has been in use among those in the professional cooking circles, it has only been recently when home cooks have discovered the benefits of this cooking method. Now it has caught on especially among those homestead cooks who are looking into ways of achieving high-quality and longer food storage results.

Even those who grow their own food, farming and raising animals in their backyard, have warmed to the method of cooking sous vide.

Sous vide is achieved by vacuum-packing food in plastic bags and cooking by steaming in water at a temperature that is kept constant. This type of cooking makes it possible to cook food at a constant temperature where all the layers cook equally without drying.
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You might ask, ‘Why take the trouble to cook sous vide when food can taste just as great cooking the usual way?’
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A few are skeptical about the method, putting it down as just another of those seasonal things that have come out. It is notable though that cooking establishments and famous chefs have actually been using this method without people knowing it when they order at these places. The truth is that cooking wrapped food has been long practiced by ancient people. Packing food and cooking it that way has been a practice with the earliest people of the world, with some using widely available leaves or salt, even bladders or fat rendered from animals they hunted.

Here are advantages that home cooks have discovered in using the approach of sous vide.

1. When food is wrapped in a vacuum-sealed container, it no longer gets exposed to the decaying effects of air around. When raw or uncooked food is left out in the air, it begins to rot by degrees. When it is packed in plastic sans air, food is kept as fresh as possible. The method also packs in the natural moisture from the food itself.

2. Food tastes just as fresh as the day it was stored when sealed in this way.

3. The method of cooking prevents any one layer from drying out or overcooking so food is tender and cooked evenly. When in the past chefs have had to be very precise when it came to how long to cook food to avoid overcooking or burning, sous vide makes it possible to cook food as long as it takes without burning or drying. Now cooks can spend time doing other things, getting more things done because there is no need to keep a constant watch. Cooks can now pay more attention to other details of food preparation such as food presentation.

4. You can achieve an exactness to your cooking that cannot be done by other methods.

Would you like to experience out sous vide too? Take a look at the equipment you can use for this method.