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Super Sleek Cell Phone Nokia 6288 Black

Nokia introduced new cell phone Nokia 6288 Black. The super sleek and stylish fashionable design of Nokia 6288 Black is incomparable to any mobile phone. Nokia 6288 Black is also incorporated with the slide concept and gorgeous features which can dazzle anyone. With QVGA screen Nokia 6288 Black displays up to 262,000 colors with a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Nokia 6288 Black has embedded a 2 megapixel camera which is located on the back of the mobile handset. The user can use the built in flash and digital zoom to ensure they get the snap they are longing for. Nokia 6288 Black also has a second VGA camera which can be located on the front of the mobile handset.

Nokia 6288 Black comes with a 3GPP video streaming feature which allows the user to enjoy live footage on their mobile phone. The built in music player is easy to access and user can even download MP3, MP4, AAC & eAAC+ music file and enjoy a lively music experience. Nokia 6288 Black has MMS messaging facility which allows you to send and receive MMS messages containing text and sound with photos, images or video footage. The user can use the email service on their Nokia 6288 Black just as they would their home or work email service. Nokia 6288 Black can be used over five continents as the phone supports tri band technology with full featured WCDMA capabilities. Bluetooth technology allows wireless connection between any two Bluetooth compatible devices. The phone comes with a Pop Port interface with USB connectivity. Nokia 6288 Black comes with EDGE mobile broadband which provides high speed data transfer which the user will enjoy.

The multimedia capabilities of the Nokia 6288 Black do not end here. One can use the handset for video recording as well as video playback and that too of exceptional quality. One can share memorable moments with people who matter thanks to features such as video sharing. 3G and EDGE connectivity ensure video streaming and smart content downloads. The messaging options that are a part of the Nokia 6288 Black are no less fascinating. One can use the handset for sending email messages with attachments. One can share interesting MMS messages. And another messaging option that is available with the Nokia 6288 Black is the Nokia Xpress audio messaging (AMS).

To ensure that you are also able to work when travelling in roads, the Nokia 6288 Black offers the 3G data speed, tri-band network and support for email such as IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. It also helps the user experience the benefit of video calling and video sharing. Further, the upgraded Nokia 6288 Black supports A2DP Bluetooth profile, for streaming music wirelessly to a stereo headset. Please purchase on online