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Essential Vintage Wedding Rentals for Your Big Day One of the most important decisions a prospective bride and groom make is their wedding style. There is a current trend in weddings that mine a bygone era which is called vintage weddings. The styling is antique and ladylike with very subdued color palettes and plenty of lace, linen and pastel flowers. But where can you get the age-old items that comprise the look of a vintage style wedding? The truth is there are lots of vintage and specialty rental outlets that rent this very unique decor to cash in on the trend. Below is a list of the items you might not know you can rent for your dream vintage wedding. Out-of-date hardcovers
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As part of wedding centerpieces, vintage books have become so in demand that major rental companies have included them in their rental inventory. The books can be used to complement the color to the tables and their height relative to the flower arrangements can add depth to the overall table design.
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Specialized seats and furniture There is something charming about mismatched chairs in a rustic wedding. Country wedding rentals give you a cheaper alternative to buying a ton of dissimilar chairs by renting their own collection of mismatched seats. They can offer you a wide variety of chairs that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Blue, green or clear mason jars There is nothing that says rustic wedding quite like mason jars. A household staple in farms as a drinking glass, a vase or a jar, mason jars are omnipresent in rustic and country weddings. You don’t want to buy hundred of mason jars just for your wedding? You can just rent them whether clear or colored, or both. Old suitcases and crates Antique suitcases and crates are both decorative and functional in rustic wedding rites. These well-traveled pieces can hold your guest book, place cards, or postcards with wishes for the bride and groom. Consider renting these creative and charming props from any country wedding rentals. Age-old pews Exchanging “I do’s” in a large open field would require a specific type of seating for your guests. You can’t go wrong with renting church pews for a truly vintage elegant look. Nothing exudes classic farm wedding vibe better than classic white church pews. Contrasting china Most vintage weddings have some sort of dissimilar style going on. The mismatch style can range from mismatched chairs to mismatched china. If you do not have a vintage china collection stored somewhere for your two hundred plus guests, then you may want to rent some. It is common for rustic wedding rentals to carry a large variety of mismatched china and silverware for your rustic chic nuptials.