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Signs Your Transmission Needs to be Fixed or Replaced

Getting The Most Out Of Your Vehicle

No one likes the thought of their semi-truck or vehicle malfunctioning. It’s an inconvenience that few can afford monetarily and time-wise. While repairs are inevitable, you can help yourself by understanding the signs of when your semi or vehicle is quickly approaching a need for a repair. In particular, the transmission is one of those repairs that have to be performed if you ever hope to drive your semi or vehicle again. Knowing when it’s close to breaking can save you some money in that you can have it repaired before it breaks or you can save up for another e40d transmission that can easily replace it. Here are a couple of signs to watch out for to determine when your transmission needs to be repaired or replaced.


One of the aspects that you should pay attention to determine the health of your transmission is when your car shifts gears. Does it do so smoothly or do you notice that there’s a slight delay? Perhaps you even notice that you have to wiggle the gearbox a little in order to get to the right setting that you need. This could be a sign that your transmission is starting to wear down.


Another indication that your transmission is starting to break is if you hear clunking sounds. Sometimes this occurs when you shift, but it can also happen when you first start up your car or settle. The sound you’re looking for is a sort of knocking sound. Depending on how loud and frequent it is, your transmission may be in desperate need for a repair or replacement.

Leaking Fluid

One last indication that your transmission is starting to wear out is if you notice liquid beneath your semi or vehicle. Transmission fluid is like blood in the body. If you notice it leaking, then you have a big problem.