Review And Main Features Of Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD In Dash DVD AV Receiver

Lyle Ellerbee

The car DVDs has become the most common entertainment storage media as a result of their versatility and ability to store large quantities of data in variety of formats such as music, movies and photos. For individuals looking for entertainment on the go, car DVD player is a must have gadget. The Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD is among the latest DVD receivers designed with cutting edge technology to satisfy the entertainment needs of every enthusiast. Pioneer is a reputed brand in manufacturing products that mesmerize clients across the globe. All the products manufactured by the company always impress and attract tech-savvy clients with their ground breaking innovations.

The latest AVH-P4300DVD car receiver is featuring several state-of-the-art features bound to impress any entertainment aficionado. It sports a 7-inch widescreen display. The screen also features multi-angle modifications, touch screen technology and brilliant customizable display. The customizable feature application of the device allows you to fine-tune it to your personal needs. You can set the receiver according to your preference while at the same time you will be capable of controlling the brightness of your display.

Another outstanding feature that is making AVH-P4300DVD player undisputed leader is its ability to play different video, photo and music files formats. You can play video formats such as DVD, VCD and DivX; music files such as WMA, AAC and MP3; and photo images that can be stored in DVD, CD and SDHC or SD memory cards.

If you have an iPod, you can link it to the device with a USB cable. This feature allows you to view and play your music from the player for better control. For more convenient access and control of the unit, you can use the remote control that comes with the package.

It cannot be disputed that Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD player is the leading car DVD receiver with its improved interface. The new touch interface is a breeze to maneuver. You can tap, drag or swipe the intuitive controls to implement a command. This interface is designed with the mind of making operation hassle free through removal of the complex overlapping selection displays. Accessing the desired applications is simpler and smoother than ever before. The user is also provided with two options: Full Operation mode which allows more control and Stripped-down Simple Mode that allows only the basics.

When switching to another source, it is as simple as touching the desired icon. There is no need for defaulting to the main menu displays first making operation of the device suitable even to operators who are not tech-savvy.

Another classic feature that is made purposely for the fans of internet music service, Pandora, is the Pandora Ready Feature that allows you direct control of the app on the receiver with the help of your iPhone. All you need to do is to launch Pandora in your connected iPhone and you will be capable of accessing it on your receiver; fully with the thumbs up/down and bookmarking buttons.

The dual-zone video/audio receiver makes it possible for the rear seat passengers to enjoy CD or DVD entertainment through additional headphones and rear screens; even while the front seat passenger and fellow passenger are enjoying audio from other sources.

In my opinion this product by Pioneer is one of the better versions than those launched before. There has been many versions but this one steals the show because of its amazing features and user friendly interface.

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