New in Amarillo: Food truck fleet

Lyle Ellerbee

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – A new food truck is offering healthy alternatives and some other existing food trucks are growing in Amarillo.

Food trucks are all the craze and it’s convenient for customers — owners say it works both ways.

Fruition Fruit Blendz is just under two months old and the owner says they saw a need for their product.

“We noticed the variety of food trucks in our surrounding area and there isn’t any smoothie bowl or smoothie food truck. Eating healthy is a popular trend now, so we wanted to get into that now and it’s fun. We get to bring our kids with us and we love it,” said Anita Bitla, the owner of Fruition Fruit Blendz.

Marlena Rincon, the owner of Yoli’s Kitchen, has been in business for two years.

Not only does she employ her two sons but she says the food truck has helped build customer loyalty and has treated her family well.

“Usually I’d be set up 34th and Osage. Right now, I haven’t been setting up there. Just events, catering. If anyone is wanting catering, quinceañeras, we do all kinds of holidays or any kind of private events,” Rincon said.

The same goes for Maricruz Moreno, the owner of Street Vibes.

As her day job, she helps save lives as a nurse. But this snow cone business has been a family affair for four years.

Recently, she has moved into a brick and mortar building to continue growing her family’s business.

“I have a lot of my family that work for me, so it’s tough but you can always count on them and customer service is one of my biggest things. Quality is everything, so just treating your customers right, they come back and that’s what makes you be successful,” Moreno said.

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