Motorcycle Parts

Lyle Ellerbee

Motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles equipped with an engine. When driven at a high speed, the vehicle stands upright and stable; when driven at a lower speed, a continuous readjustment needs to be made to provide stability to the rider and the cycle. This land-based machine consists of various parts: chassis, fuel tanks, suspension, brakes, engine, transmission, and tires.


The chassis is more commonly known as the frame. It is usually made of aluminum, steel or alloy, although customized carbon-fiber ones are also available. The primary concern regarding the chassis is the stability it provides, which in most cases encounters three problems: capsizing, which usually happens at lower speed; wobbling, which is more annoying rather than harmful; and weaving, which makes the whole bike become unstable at higher speeds.

Fuel Tank

Fuel tanks are usually considered part of the chassis and are mounted above the engine. They are usually manufactured with high-density polyethylene. Manufacturers usually create a hollow frame in the chassis for fuel tanks although external frames are used for the oil reservoir.


The suspension serves as the shock absorber of the vehicle. The front suspension plays an integral part in controlling the steering of the machine, while the back suspension supports the swingarm.


A motorcycle is installed with independent brakes in the front and at the back. Front brakes are generally more powerful. Rear wheels have a danger of causing the motorcycle to skid forward due to the weight transfer. Most of the motorcycles nowadays are built with anti-lock breaking systems.


Motorcycles have gasoline-powered engines.


The transmission is controlled by a clutch lever installed on one of the handles, usually the left-hand side. The gear lever is a foot pedal on the left side of the motorcycle.


The tire is the part of the motorcycle that comes in full contact with the road. There are different types of tires for different bikes and different surfaces. Some tires have a different gripping effect on surfaces.

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