Methods of Hail Dent Repair

Lyle Ellerbee

Not everyone is lucky enough to park their car in a garage at night. Even if you normally park in a sheltered area, you may get caught in an open mall parking lot when a severe storm comes through and dumps hail. Within a few minutes, your pristine vehicle has multiple unsightly dents. Your car insurance will hopefully cover the cost of the repairs.

Reasons to Repair Hail Damage

You might be tempted to skip hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO. However, the dents will drastically decrease the trade-in or sale value of your car later on. Most likely, the hail damage and repair will not appear on the car’s CARFAX report. Therefore, you should not be concerned about a negative impact on the CARFAX report if you choose to get the repairs. Just check with the body shop to confirm that they will not report to CARFAX.

In addition, your car’s condition leaves an impression on your neighbors, friends, and business associates. Fairly or unfairly, people make assumptions when they see your car in poor condition.  

Your car’s body also forms part of the protective shield that absorbs forces in an accident. When your car body has damage, it can no longer act as originally engineered to protect you.

Hail Dent Repair Options

To save time and money, you can ask about paint-less dent repair. This method involves pushing the dents out of the car’s body. Generally, this works best for smaller dents where the car’s paint has not been badly scratched. Some technicians will heat the metal in advance for easier bending and shaping.  

If the damage is too extensive for paint-less options, body shops can still repair the damage with traditional methods of sanding off paint, bending metal, filling dents, and re-painting. While the process takes a long time, you can rest assured that the results will look like your original car.

You’ll want to get your hail damage repaired quickly, either with paint-less or traditional body shop methods.

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