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Malibu Valet Parking Service

Malibu is home to the rich and famous, with many movie stars included in its population, so it’s no surprise that a valet parking service is offered almost anywhere you might go in or around the city.

Originally a Native American settlement, Malibu sits against the Pacific coastline and is home to around 13,000 Californians. One of its logos is “27 Miles of Scenic beauty” even though the city, once incorporated, measured actually only 21 miles instead of the original 27. Home to stars of stage and screen, Malibu once named actor Martin Sheen as honorary mayor. When he welcomed the homeless to Malibu, the affluent population balked, and one citizen even talked of bussing the homeless to Sheen’s residence.

Malibu’s residents are all wealthy professionals, most with ties to the entertainment industry. Even without the relaxed geography of the city that makes walking a very impractical form of transportation, a valet parking service would be a necessity because of the preferred lifestyle of the city’s population. These people expect, and get, the best at every turn, so the idea of not being able to get out of their cars at the door of a nightclub, restaurant, and even office building, would probably drive them to frequent other establishments that did offer a valet parking service to take their cars to a parking lot and bring them back when they’re ready to leave.

Many Malibu-area establishments offer a valet parking service free to their guests and patrons, while others charge a small fee for the parking, often included right in their prices. Tipping is expected even for a free valet parking service, however, and the average tip for a valet to conveniently park your car can be anywhere between $3 and $15, with the price for valet services that aren’t free ranging just as widely, with some charging one flat fee, and others charging according to how many hours your car is parked.

Surely even if a valet parking service cost ten times what it does, the wealthy residents of Malibu would happily pay it for the convenience of not having to find parking places in full and overcrowded parking lots. Once a status symbol in many cities in California, a valet parking service is now expected and considered a daily part of Malibu residents’ lifestyles.

Those traveling to other parts of Los Angeles are greeted with Los Angeles valet parking services at places like Custom Hotel, Key Club and House of Blues, with even gyms and health clubs offering a valet parking service to their members.

A good Malibu valet parking service is a must at all Malibu social events. Guests coming to holiday parties, birthday parties and weddings will expect a valet to park their cars, even if the estate they’re visiting appears to have acres available for parking. With social events, a valet parking service is still a sign of affluence, as much as it is a simple courtesy for guests and the sign of a gracious host.