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Life-Changing Positive Affirmations For A Positive You

The phrase “a million things on my mind” is nearer to the truth than you might actually think. Many thoughts do race through our minds, and while they may not exactly account for a million on a daily basis, our thoughts can run up to as many as 50,000 to 100,000, it’s mind boggling.

Even more to think about is that for most people, a lot of these daily thoughts border on the negative. No matter how poised and confident we try to look on the outside, not all of us are positive-thinking people. A lot of those racing thoughts are those of personal self doubt and insecurities, often hindering us from pushing ourselves to produce successful outcomes, no matter how small the task at hand is. We allow this negative attitude because we constantly think that we are always limited.

Positive people have different outlooks in life mainly because they have daily affirmations of what they are capable of, as a person of value. Such is a lesson we can take from their books, the power of affirmation. We who believe that we cannot hurdle the challenges life throws at us must learn how to change this line of thinking and replace it with a can-do attitude. Ask any person you think has achieved success on a personal attitude level and he/she will promptly reply that it has to do with shooing away the nagging thoughts and adding doses of constant self affirmation. Sure, we keep affirming ourselves everyday but stop and think; aren’t these affirmations more on what we lack personally rather than what we can appreciate about ourselves? That’s right, negative affirmations should have no place in our thoughts.

Overcoming negative affirmations requires a simple paradigm shift. That instead of telling ourselves “I can’t do it,” we say “yes, I can.” That instead of filling our thoughts with negative feedback, we fill them with good things. We all have talents and capabilities that would benefit others if only we could offer them, and we should believe that we can be life-changing people because we are capable of leaving an impact on society.

Making positive affirmations about ourselves is not that difficult at all. Simply form a list of all the self assuring I-ams you can muster and that are true to your person – I am a good person; I am a happy person; I am successful; I am kind; I am a self-starter – and repeat each of the phrases daily – like a mantra. It may sound awkward at first but soon enough you’ll get the hang of it.

Here’s another secret that will make your affirmations really work for you. This is, ultimately, your belief in what you created. These affirmations were made by you as a positive reinforcement to your life. Remember, they are only as strong as you have made them to be. Keep at it with those “I can’s” and soon enough, a lot more of those 50,000 daily thoughts will be filled with positive “I am’s.”