Hybrid Cars – The Vehicle For The Future For The People On Today’s Roads

Lyle Ellerbee

Buying hybrid cars can seem a little daunting but not in the manner in what you may think, the complication in buying a Hybrid car is which one you should choose. To assist you in your purchase you will need to understand some of the basic principals on a Hybrid Electric vehicle (HEV).

All HEV’s have two energy sources for its engines: Electric and Combustion. When in everyday use on the road the car will run on either the Electric engine or the Combustion engine. However if the driver requires faster acceleration both engines will operate together.

There are many characteristics worth considering when purchasing a Hybrid Car, they have low emissions, are fuel efficient, and the battery actually recharges itself whilst you are driving therefore eliminating the need to plug into a wall socket like you would with a pure Electric Car.

There are also other considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing your HEV.

1. As a Prospective buyer you should have some level of understanding regarding the language that is used in relation to buying hybrid cars. According to the California Air Resources Board, Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle is a car with 50 percent cleaner emission, compared with that of a new 2001 model car.

A Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle emits 90% cleaner emissions than that of an average new 2002 model car. You will however have heard of cars that produce zero-emission but these are purely electric cars, and not hybrid cars, and at present pure electrical cars are impractical to produce.

2. You should also consider what you would use your HEV for. Hybrid cars are best used on short distance journeys in your local area if you were to use them on Highways or long journeys you would not be expected to get much Fuel reduction.

3. The other conside.ation is the cost, Hybrid Cars are usually more expensive than normal vehicles but this is due to the fact that at present there is only small numbers in production compared to Petrol cars and also they are more mechanically more complex. But these are only minor concerns considering what you will be saving on fuel.

The Federal State is at present encouraging people to buy HEV’s due to the long term benefits of limiting fuel usage. There are also several tax deductions for new buyers of hybrid cars, and several cities are also offering free parking as an additional incentive for low-emissions vehicles.

Therefore it is safe to say that the people, who buy hybrid cars, are the people who are buying the vehicles of the future.

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