How to Add Value and Performance to Your Car With Alloy Wheels

Lyle Ellerbee

If you’re looking to add value and performance to your car, consider a set of alloy wheels. Alloy wheels can come in all styles, sizes and prices to fit your budget.

In the world of car accessories, what is seen on the outside makes more of an impression than engine modifications or fancy trim on the interior. If you’re building a stock car from the ground up, investing first in a set of quality wheels will improve the appearance of your car and improve its performance, be it from the lighter weight wheels or increase tire selection. Aftermarket wheels come in aluminium or magnesium, forged or cast with forged wheels being the heavier and strongest of the two. Wheels today are sometimes coated with Teflon to prevent corrosion from salt air or brake dust.

Aluminium wheels improve performance by reducing weight. Some cast wheels compared to steel wheels can weigh as much as 30% less. In the world of racing, the weight of your car comes in a close second place to the horsepower your car produces.

By providing a wider range of wheel choices, a wider selection of tires becomes available. Provided your stud pattern is correct, you can increase your wheel size from the original stock 14″ wheel to a 16″ wheel. The increased size will fill up your wheel wells providing a sleek appearance. With low profile tires your weight continues drop without cutting into your performance.

Because of different wheel styling, aluminium or magnesium wheels provide additional cooling to your brake components. By directing air flow to calipers and rotors, you will experience less brake fading under harsh braking conditions such as rally or autocross racing. For rally or autocross racing, the reduced weight will also improve your overall performance.

Not only do aftermarket wheels improve your vehicle’s performance, it also increases your vehicle’s value. A buyer will be attracted to a high performance wheel and tire combination provided they’re not damaged. In addition, because of the vast selection of wheels available, if you grow bored with what you currently have shop around for a new set of wheels. The market for used wheels on EBay is vast with used wheel sets of 4 selling from £70 to £600. Considering the abuse that wheels take, retaining close to 80% of their value is significant. But buyer beware in the used wheel market, alloy wheels can be damaged or bent which can go unseen to the naked eye. The only indication would be a vibration at high speed or unusual tire wear.

If you’re new to customizing your new car there will be endless information, some wanted, some unwanted from friends and acquaintances. Some will tell you that interior styling is the way to go, some will tell you that spoiler for the rear is the ticket. Car accessories will come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours. But if you want true performance and the best return on your investment, aftermarket wheels with a decent set of performance tires are the best way to go.

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