Developing a robotic platform to improve the quality of sleep

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For Earth Sleep Day, we communicate to Alexander Breuss from the Sensory-Motor Units Lab about their autonomous robotic snooze system and how it is helping to boost individuals’ excellent of slumber.

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Make sure you could you introduce on your own and notify us what inspired your job into rest?

I am a doctoral researcher at the Sensory-Motor Methods Lab of ETH Zurich and examine how robotic beds can be utilized to make improvements to sleep. My background is in pc science and clinical robotics, and I have usually been fascinated by how contemporary technological know-how can be employed in the wellbeing area to improve top quality of everyday living.

Snooze is an inherently elaborate and interdisciplinary matter. At our lab, we are specifically grateful to have close collaborations with some of Switzerland’s very best snooze doctors. Jointly, we intention to build products that numerous persons with snooze issues can gain from.

Snooze is important for our wellness and wellbeing. Can you inform us about sleep’s vital part in the entire body and what impacts lousy snooze can have on our health?

A good night’s rest is important to our wellbeing and wellbeing. Finding 7-8 hrs of snooze a working day is important for our immune process to operate effectively, our hormones to remain in a balanced balance, and our human body to get better. Rest also makes sure that we really feel refreshed and remain notify the subsequent working day.

Sleeping poorly at the time in a while will not have an affect on our overall overall health but can negatively affect our recognition. For illustration, acquiring as well little rest can be the lead to of visitors accidents or other human mistakes. Prolonged inadequate snooze can have many damaging consequences on our in general health and fitness such as substantial blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments, obesity, and substantial glucose amounts. If we have difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, respiratory intermittently (normally in mix with snoring), or carrying out massive and violent actions (often discovered by our bed companion), we need to tackle it to our general practitioner who will then transfer us to a snooze doctor if needed.

World Sleep Day

Each yr the planet celebrates Entire world Sleep Day on the 18th of March. The topic for 2022 is ‘Quality Sleep, Seem Brain, Joyful Environment.’ What does this concept imply to you and why is it significant to increase recognition surrounding the worth of a good night’s slumber?

Following great rest hygiene – which involves obtaining sufficient high-quality rest and pursuing a frequent slumber regimen – aids our bodies to stay nutritious and our minds to stay sound, focused throughout the working day, and love everyday living. Extremely normally our society is confronted with the paradoxical scenario of doing work a good deal when at the identical time taking part in plenty of social functions. This typically outcomes in receiving as well little slumber. The World Snooze Working day is, hence, a terrific instrument to increase awareness about the great importance of a good night’s sleep.

You are at the moment operating on your Somnomat project. Can you notify us more about your assignments and what some of your aims are?

Inside of the Somnomat venture, we are pursuing two exploration domains 1 handles controlled positional therapy and the other investigates likely added benefits of rocking actions on slumber.

Controlled positional remedy is utilised to interact with the users following the onset of precise occasions. For occasion, we have made a sideward turning bed for positional obstructive sleep apnea clients that is outfitted with unobtrusive sensors to detect slumber apnea situations. Because these events occur almost exclusively in the supine situation for this individual team, our mattress will then convert the people from the supine into lateral posture on apnea detection.

In our 2nd investigation domain, we create rocking beds that mimic what mothers have finished to their toddlers for 1000’s of years: rock them to support them fall asleep. The Somnomat Casa is our most up-to-date rocking bed that appears like a common mattress but fits into private bedrooms and can be operated by the push of a button. Just about 10 several years of investigate went into the design and development of this mattress which integrated deciding ideal movement parameters and mechanical diversifications to have a practically inaudible rocking mechanism.

We are presently screening the rocking bed on an 11-calendar year-old boy struggling from serious sleep difficulties who reports sleeping perfectly on a coach experience. By replaying the accelerations and appears experienced on a practice experience directly on our rocking mattress, we look into no matter if we can mimic the educate experience, therefore strengthening his sleep excellent.


Image Credit history: Sensory-Motor Devices Lab

How could your autonomous robotic system aid to enhance the sleep good quality of the user?

One particular of the troubles of snooze apnea is that the apnea episodes guide to quick awakenings during the night time, so-named arousals. Though these arousals take place subconsciously, people struggling from sleep apnea frequently sense weary in the course of the adhering to days. Lessening the number of arousals can thus direct to a important enhancement in slumber performance and hence the top quality of lifestyle.

Equally, we are now investigating whether or not our rocking bed assists customers tumble asleep and keep asleep. If productive, we not only make improvements to the high-quality of lifestyle of the end users but also lower all the cofounding possibility elements related with inadequate slumber like superior blood strain and cardiovascular ailments.

Your intelligent bed is also in a position to decrease snoring action in the consumer. How are you capable to do this and what impact does loud night breathing have on an individual’s snooze excellent?

The prevalence of snoring will increase with pounds and age and men are more often affected than women. While occasional loud night breathing generally disturbs the slumber of the bed companion, habitual loud night breathing can be a symptom of obstructive rest apnea, wherever abnormal tissue inside the throat relaxes and prospects to a blockage of the airway, merely thanks to the gravitational forces performing on the throat tissue.

Our award-successful anti-snoring mattress is geared up with several sensors that detect the onset of snoring episodes and a movable backrest that elevates the trunk in circumstance of snoring onset. It has been demonstrated in a proof-of-principle examination night time that 4 out of 5 snoring episodes could be stopped.

The use of robotics inside of wellness has noticed an amplified desire in latest yrs. What gains does making use of robotics have for analysis and do you feel we will see far more and a lot more study turning to autonomous options?

Just one development in snooze robotics is in direction of personalization and closed-loop interventions. Present day unobtrusive and privateness-sensitive sensors will be significantly utilised to observe the rest excellent of people and result in interventions every time essential. This is especially useful for the detection of snooze disorders the place little changes built to the place of the user can have a massive advantage to the in general well being and quality of everyday living.

If our study displays to be useful for sure populations, we hope to see our results remaining translated into commercial items this kind of that numerous impacted persons can profit from our function. Immediately after all, much more than a third of the total population is affected by rest problems.


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What do you believe the upcoming of sleep study to glimpse like? Are you hopeful that with continued innovation inside of this field, we will carry on to strengthen our awareness of sleep?

The critical is to help as quite a few individuals with sleep problems as feasible and to even more carry on collaborating across all the suitable domains in snooze research. Slumber is this sort of a elaborate subject matter and there are so lots of distinct rest diseases that only a frequent trade concerning health-related physicians, slumber physicians, and engineers will direct to novel options that several people today can gain from.

In the foreseeable future, investigate that was previously carried out in intricate lab environments will go to house environments. This is getting possible as the recording and intervention gadgets are obtaining smaller sized and much easier to use and info can be transferred simply about the world wide web. Amassing additional in-depth info in environments the people are familiar with will then allow us to develop even greater personalized interventions.

What is following for you and the Somnomat undertaking?

In February 2022 our investigation group has – for the very first time at any time worldwide – started a lengthy-expression rocking bed interventional study in an out-clinic placing. We are pretty interested to see no matter if our rocking bed will improve the rest of this specific.

In parallel, we are scheduling more research with people struggling from neurodegenerative conditions in which we hope to see significant improvements from our rocking bed interventions.

Exactly where can viewers uncover additional facts?

Our lab internet site:

Cybathlon, a globe-extensive platform initiated at our institute to boost investigation and improvement in the area of assistive know-how:

Quite fascinating book from a colleague (German): WARUM WIR SCHLAFEN (Why we slumber), Albrecht Vorster

About Alexander Breuss

Alexander Breuss is a doctoral researcher at the Sensory-Motor Techniques Lab of the Institute of Robotics and Clever Units at ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, and is investigating the use of robotic beds for the treatment method of snooze-similar respiratory ailments as very well as the potential of rocking beds for the enhancement of slumber throughout a variety of client groups.Alexander Breuss

He studied Laptop or computer Science and Robotics, Devices and Control both of those at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

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