Build Your Own Go Kart – It’s Much Better

Lyle Ellerbee

I doubt that there are plenty of people who aren’t fond of go karting. The experience of driving small buggy cars and racing with them is simply amazing! If at all you’re planning on getting into the higher order of motorsports you should definitely give go-karting a go as it’s a stepping stone that needs to be passed.

This sport could turn out to be a bit expensive, therefore you need to know where to look for parts as well as find the right tools to do the job.

Building your own Go Kart – It’s much cheaper and better

If you decide to buy a go kart it’s definitely going to turn out to be really expensive. Therefore, you should instead build it yourself – you’d be able to customise it and at the same time the overall costs would be much lower.

Components that you’re going to need:

Before you build the Go Kart, you’re going to need to get the following parts:

Chassis– When choosing a chassis for your go kart you need to make sure that it is flexible, aerodynamic and also strong so that it doesn’t break easily.

Engine – Your go kart is going to need an engine as well if it has to run and when it comes to engines for your go kart you have plenty of options to choose from. However, if you want to select the best one you need to know a bit about each of them. Therefore, make sure to check out the specs sheet of them all.

You should make up your mind on the brand, horsepower as well as the number of pistons it uses. These may not seem important to an amateur, but any pro would know that these are the only things that matter.

Transmission – In order to switch between gears your go kart is going to need to switch between gears as this would allow it to run at different speeds.

Tires and controls – Well, tyres and controls are under the same group as they don’t matter much if you’re just riding for fun. However, if you’re looking forward to taking part in professional races you would need to have really good tires and also state of the art controls. Some of the controls include the accelerator, brake, clutch as well as the speed limiter.

Therefore, building a go kart is really simple and all you need is to buy the equipment keeping your budget in mind. You won’t be able to learn to assemble the parts through an article, there would be plenty of videos available to help you in that aspect.

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