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Auto Audio Issues & Answers

two hundred dollar/ Car speakers/ With the very best place?
Hey sup guys I just get my initially car, and the nouns system is awful I be thinking about finding speakers and a sub woofer but promptly figuring out how a lot everything is now a days I granted I am just going to go and get speakers, does…

2000 Ford Escort…?
Want to know if a manufacturing facility CD player exists for this considerate of car, ive uncovered kinds around cd changer controld but i want to know if their is just one that has a cd player inside the sprint for this car, thanks inside advance!

2000 Ford Mustang speaker size interview….?
I have a dais product of a 2000 ford mustang with the orgional speakers that I preference to enhance. My only put anyone via the mill is whats the regular size for this car product, and would other dimensions would suit contained by the entrance…

2000 Montero Sport Speaker size?
I have to have to discover out the size of the manufacturing facility speakers surrounded by my montero sport… its not in the homeowners booklet and I couldnt discover that data on-line…does anybody below has or have the similar open up-handed of car? I actually necessity to substitute my speakers… Many thanks

2000 watt amp?
ive introduced a 2000 wat amp im just not sure what electrics kit i would have have to have of and does it even make a variation

2001 Eclipse radio code?
I have to have the code for my radio. replaced the clutch they pulled the cellular radio # MR 337276 Ser# 0x208280 may possibly have a C on the ending. Many thanks,

2001 Ford Escape XLT six dics disc changer?
I have a 2001 Ford Escape xlt and the six disc cd changer is no extended operating. Part selection YL2F-18C815-BE. I am seeking to discover a used substitution for this area but am not positive what will function in my car. Can I bring back again just one from any…

2001 Ford Taurus Manufacturing facility compact disc Participant?
is there in any case to purloin out the manufacturing facility cd player out of a 2001 taurus ses and put in a shop bought cd player (pioneer, sony etcetera.) if so, what loving of kit would i want and about how a lot would it expense to install?

2001 Ford Taurus Radio?
I just bought a used 01 Taurus SES it have a tape deck contained by it but on the aspect it has a button for a cd and I am not positive in which on earth or if it has a cd changer. I browse the report for…

2001 greatest immediately after i mounted unmarked stereo the subwoofer don’t function?
i replaced my bose device around clarion VRX765VD. I acquired the unique harness beside RCA jacks coz the speaker wires go specifically to a amp everything go very well besides immediately after i mounted the unsullied system my subwoofer(stock bose) stoped operating any just one have any notion why??…

2001 pontiac sunfire wireing diagram what coloration cable fashion what?
im installing a new radio surrounded by my sunfire and the shades of the wires dont match up and i cnat numeral it ou

2001 V6 mustang audio.?
Alright so i have a mustang with everything stock audio. I hold not messed w/ anything in it yet because when i play cd or movie its fairly great for a stock. Now i’m thinking of incorporating a sub possibly but I hold no plan in which…

2002 pioneer deh 6300 series v.s 2007 pioneer 6900 series cd player?
who thinks they can bring up to date these two apart, and also, which just one do you discover to be nicer, or a lot easier to use, or just wantt o remark on any of the two, I possess each.

2002 Pontiac Grand Am MP3 hook up push.?
I have acquired an ’02 Grand Am that I am fascinated in hooking up an MP3 player to the origional radio deck. The soul before me had a satellite radio contained by it but I don’t know how she went about hooking it up. She’s…

2003 BMW 325i radio elimination (indeed, I possess the car)?
In the course of wishing to “enhance” my car, I have obtained a Grom audio element for the BMW. Nevertheless, I am obtaining a bit of challenge getting any documentation giving concrete responses on how to remove the radio from the car. It is a 2003 BMW 325i, and…

2003 Chevy Silverado aftermarket stereo will never change on. Why?
I hooked up all the speaker wires. The pallid wire. The black (ground) telecommunication. They informed me that the 12 volt optimistic direct be not on the manufacturing facility wire harness on this truck. They informed me I have to wire it into the fuse box….

2003 Honda Accord:radio panel go black(radio and compact disc nevertheless function). Does anyone know what is actually incorrect beside it?
Can I take care of it rather of having it to Honda dealer? Many thanks

2003 Jeep TJ subwoofer does not play at adjectives?
Hey Guy’s, I have an 03 Jeep TJ Sport with the opitional 7 speaker system next to a subwoofer, It was operating fantastic and all of a unexpected before long it just stopped actively playing. I remember driving in excess of a bump when it took place, that be about a…

2003 nissan murano, 6 disc changer, skips when it chilly, what to do?
Wife’s car. When she get in it inside the morning. The cd player skips till the car is warmed up. Attempting to numeral a way to retain this from taking place. To hold wife content. Any setting up, other than heat the car up back again employing the cd…

2003 pontiac august am around a monsoon stock nouns system. I want to make a payment subs, but I want to hold my cd player?
I have a 2003 pontiac splendid am with a stock monsoon nouns system. I have two ten” subs and a 460 watt amp that I want to attach but I don’t know if I can operate it all around my stock monsoon cd player. How do…

2004 Corolla S In-sprint disc Participant install?
Alright bear w/ me, I am surrounded by no way “sporting activities car savvy”. I am finding a 2004 Corolla Sport in January. I want to acquire a far better CD player than a small time ago the stock just one like just one beside an aux jack for my…

2004 mazda three speaker cross-query?
i have a 2004 mazda three sedan and am on the lookout to substitute my manufacturing facility door speakers. crutchfield tells me to use 6×8 or approaching 51/four in the doorways. im not positive which size to go beside. i also have a 12 inch sub in the trunk…

2004 Nissan Xterra CD Participant (Ideal Reply?)?
I have a pal with a 2004 Nissan Xterra It have the stock created AM/FM and CD player double din She put a CD in it, it labored for a though, and now it will never appear out Where can I discover the reset button or…

2005 Chevy Malibu Head-device flex code??
A pal of mine Tryed to put in his possess immediately after sector cd player and cut the manufacturing facility telecommunication harness. And he needs to wire the immediately after souk cd player to the cars wire’s if any just one no’s what every of the car’s wire’s do make sure you…

2005 F150 Radio Wire Harness?
Do they make wire harness for a 2005 F150 nevertheless?

2005 Pontiac G6 compact disc Changer Mistake?
My six disc cd changer retains giveing me a error mesage of “cd changer error” Pontiac give me a quotation of $350 to install a new radio….and my warranty is up. Be sure to Support

2006 ford f-250 tremendous duty series……..saloon stereo??
is it my disc or can it just not play my mp3 disc??

2006 Mustang – iPod hookup?
I have a 2006 Mustang and I be thinking how I could hook my iPod up to the stereo with no employing the radio attachment. I hold the Shaker five hundred Stereo Process. Be sure to Support! Many thanks.

2006 Pontiac GTO (Sunroof and XM radio Integration)?
I believe I am going to acquire a 2006 Pontiac GTO, but it does not hold a sunroof or XM satellite radio, dose anybody know if I can put a sunroof in an 06 GTO? What is the very best design to integrate satellite radio into a GTO…

2006-2007 mx5 miata door panel elimination?
would anybody know the process for removing these door panels? ive attempted around no sucess! the explanation is that im seeking to put up to date speakers in. Thank you inside advance!

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