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A Cyclist Tried to Take an Epic Ride on Amazon’s Cheapest New Bike

Photo credit: Global Cycling Network - YouTube

Picture credit: World Cycling Network – YouTube

When it arrives to using epic bicycle rides, you will not essentially need the priciest devices. In a new online video on the World wide Biking Network channel, previous professional British racing bike owner James Lowsley-Williams (a.k.a. Hank) embarks on a 200km journey together the coast from Barnstable to Bath in the southwest of England, on a Eurobike, a affordable £30 (all over $38) option from Amazon. And supplied that Hank has committed to the full journey by having a coach from Bath down to Barnstable, he has no selection but to entire the total trip on the Eurobike.

“My 1st impressions of the Eurobike are not good,” he suggests. “I am lacking my superbike. It is really a cheap bike, and I have acquired to try to remember that… I want to make it an experience, and I want to say that you can have fun on a low-cost bike, and you can nevertheless have epic rides.”

“As before long as this bicycle goes uphill, it would like to go backwards,” he suggests. “These climbs in Devon in the south of England are horrific… When I’m obtaining out of the salad and climbing, I preserve hitting the gears and it chucks me into a enormous equipment and I have to begin once more. The chain’s come off a couple times. I need to have to get heading, simply because I really don’t want to be riding till midnight. I have to say, the only most effective thing about this bike is the kickstand.”

Finally, Hank ends up earning it 168km with “all the things intact other than for my legs, which sense like they have fallen off.”

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