5 Car Safety Features 

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5 must-have car safety features | Auto Leaders

With the advancement of technology, many new safety features have evolved to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone around you. It is now much safer to drive your car in a world filled with sudden occurrences than it was in the past. And many modern vehicles now possess those features due to the government’s law making it mandatory for every car to have.

Shockingly, there are many new features that we weren’t aware of until now. Safety standards have progressed from being limited to airbags and seatbelts to offering a vast range of safety measures to protect drivers and pedestrians and minimize the damage caused in case of an accident.

It’s crucial to inform yourself about those features and ensure that they’re functioning accordingly. Neglecting those features could cost you your life, so a simple check never hurts.

If some of your car’s safety features are damaged and constantly break down, you might be thinking: “It’s time to consider selling my car in Dubai and replace it with a safer option instead.”

  1. Airbags

You might be aware of steering wheel airbags, but you could be clueless about many types of airbags. Side airbags, knee airbags, and even inflatable seat belts are now available in most modern cars. The improvement of airbags helped save many lives from injuries caused by collisions.

Airbags are used to reduce the impact of the crash on the driver, which is achieved by blocking the person from banging into the car’s interior and thus leading to more injuries. 

  1.  Rearview Camera

This tool is especially useful for backing up, and luckily it isn’t as costly as you would think. Whether new at driving or a seasoned driver, a rearview camera is what every driver needs. It can save you from ramming into obstacles backward that can’t be seen from your blind spot. It can also make reversing and parking your vehicle smoother and less embarrassing.

The camera can also offer a graphic display of the width needed for the car to fit between parking spots. Additionally, it could detect the distance between the vehicle and the wall and emit an auditory cue to alert you if the car gets too close to slamming into the wall.

  1. Anti-Lock Braking System

While this feature has been around for a long time, it has now massively improved and can make your car brake automatically if there’s an incoming car to save you from the impact. This feature is pretty functional if you weren’t paying attention on the road or if the accident happened quicker than you could react, while also giving you the ability to steer as you brake.

This feature is a gigantic step towards a future with little to no car accidents. 

  1. Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control, or (ESC), is responsible for maintaining control over your vehicle during sharp turns. It helps balance out the car and regain control if you suddenly oversteer or understeer, which could lead to a rollover and redirect it to its original course.

ESC plays a significant role in your vehicle’s steering, but you must still be careful at all times, especially in conditions such as slippery roads. It’s best to avoid driving altogether in such situations to ensure your and your car’s safety.

  1. Shatter-Resistant Glass

The shatter-resistant glass is a vital feature in cars. Shattering glass can cause severe damage to crash victims and could even be fatal. Therefore, your vehicle must be equipped with harmless glass to lessen the chances of injury in a crash.

In conclusion, cars have adapted to become safer and will continue to advance in terms of safety and protection from all sorts of dangers. Until then, we must always be careful when driving to protect ourselves and those around us at all times.

Feeling secure inside your own vehicle is necessary. Fortunately, if you’re searching for a replacement for your current car, we offer free car valuation in Dubai that quickly estimates your car’s overall value. Doing so makes the selling process much easier.


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