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Simple Tips for Starting a Bus Transportation Service Business

Transportation Services business has begun to develop in Indonesia, especially Land Transportation, seen from a large number of Public vehicles that cross the streets. Of the many transportation services businesses that are successful, not a few are bankrupt. Here are some simple tips from the Head of the PO bus so that those of you who want to open a transportation service business is not marketable when you start building the business. Check this out!

1. Determine the Choice of the Type of Transportation Services You Pioneered (Regular or Tourism)

To start a dressing business, one should first choose whether to go into the regular bus business or tourism. Each type has a different character in terms of risk, operating system, and operational costs.

Regular buses are closely related to several factors, including:

a. Is the route in the selected course still open or closed?

If it is still open, we can submit directly to the Department of Transportation for Inter-City Inter-Province (AKAP) Route through the Directorate General of Hubdar. If it is closed, we must acquire a route from a PO that is to be sold.

b. How are the competing characters in the path/route?

If competitors on the track are large POs (which have many and new fleets), then we must be prepared with sophisticated competition strategies, including the selection of an excellent navy and of course with sufficient capital.

c. How is Passenger Behavior in the Track?

Are passengers fanatical about specific POs or certain Chassis brands? Are they happy with the bus that is suspended? Alternatively, is the bus relaxing? everything we learn first to determine what fleet brands we will use for competition

2. Determine the Chassis Brand of the Fleet You Use

Determination of the fleet that will use is essential because once you choose the wrong one, only

because of the factors of pleasure, emotional or prestige, then you will be in big trouble.

Learn the characteristics of each product from the side:

a. Vehicle Resistance / Reliability

You should choose a vehicle with high durability and reliability (durable, not easily damaged). There is nothing wrong with making a benchmark first.

b. Operational Costs (Gas consumption and Easy Maintenance)

You should choose a vehicle that is economical in gas consumption and easy maintenance.

c. Availability / Ease of Spare Parts

You should ensure that vehicle spare parts can be obtained easily and quickly in your bus operating area. As a beginner, it is not recommended to choose a rare/difficult car spare part or a new fleet launched by a manufacturer for testing (untested quality).

d. Customer Interest

You should also pay attention to the customer’s interest in the preferred brand, but you should not always be trapped in their desires, instead you should have a strategy to provide education to your customers that the bus you use is no less quality with the bus brand they are interested in (if not the same as customer interest in general).

e. Used or New Fleet?…

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Services That Auto Repair Shops Should Offer

Changing The Auto Repair Experience

No one likes taking their car in for a repair. Not only is it a great inconvenience for them, but it also typically means a big expense is headed their way. A lot of auto repair shops are the same. When it comes to choice, customers essentially pick the one closest to their home or one that they’ve dealt with before. If an auto repair shop really wants to break the mold and bring more traffic into their garage, they need to think about adding the following services.

Mobile Repair

While not all repairs can be done in the driveway, many of the simple repairs that a person needs to have performed on their car can be done right at their own home. They’d likely even be willing to pay a little more in order to avoid driving their car all the way to the repair shop. Mobile dent repair in Arlington, TX just seems like a no-brainer. This and many other repairs can be offered to their customers right in the comfort of their own homes. You can be sure that more people would desire that service and thus give that repair shop their business.

Simple Repairs

Too often, a garage is compelled to fix more than just the problem that the car owner wants them to fix. While the garage may feel that they’re helping the customer by ensuring that their car is at its top order, more often, the customer doesn’t appreciate the extra billing. Instead of trying to fix every little thing that is wrong with the car, they should repair the problem that the car is immediately facing. If they notice anything else wrong, they can ask the customer if they want that fixed as well. In this way, the customer gets to choose what they want to be fixed rather than being bullied into a large repair bill. Customers will appreciate having the choice.…