125cc Chinese Enduro Street Motorcycle Gets Complete Makeover

Lyle Ellerbee

Chinese motorcycles aren’t particularly well known for their quality but this year, Zongshen have gone a pretty long way towards putting that sentiment out of our minds with the fantastic Artix Enduro. We write about chinese motorcycles and scooters every day so we know what horror stories you might have heard in the past but we can happily say that this Enduro bike from Zongshen truly breaks the mould.

There aren’t that many chinese motorcycles available in the UK market that can boast real quality parts and that’s what makes the Artix Enduro even more impressive. It uses renowned Showa shock absorbing forks, both front and rear and popular Galfer wave disc brakes. It’s this kind of groundbreaking approach to product development that will ultimately win out in this market because what Zongshen have managed to achieve here is to keep their prices low, whilst introducing real, respected and trusted branded parts to add real value to the Artix Enduro.

But this is not all that Zongshen have done. They have taken the concept of product design one step further by adding even more value to the motorcycle in terms of its actual product finish. You can see great examples of this philosophy in the anodised chain and coloured galfer disc brakes. If you look closely, you’ll also be able to notice the new aerodynamic body, clearly built to improve efficiency and speed and in this, they really succeed.

Now it wouldn’t be right of us to leave you here without a small opinion on the most vital statistic. How fast is it? Without doubt, the Artix Enduro is more than a match for any other motorycle in its class and price range and without breaking too much sweat, you’ll be able to hit 60mph with this with a healthy 11.7 BHP. A powerful performer in all terrains.

In the spririt of helping our users find the best deals to suit them, we’d say that the Artix Enduro 125cc Motorcycle from Zongshen is a hearty performer and great buy at a fantastic price. Great value all round.

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