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Ford’s Disposal of Aston Martin Now Complete

Aston Martin is the sleek sports car popular for starring in the action block buster James Bond franchise. The sexy silvery gray Aston Martin DBS for instance, was the James Bond car in the 2006 movie, Casino Royale. Although Aston Martin wowed all of us being James Bond’s car, it didn’t hit the blockbuster in the car market like the movie did. In August 2006, Bill Ford, who handed the reins over to Mulally last year, put Aston Martin up for sale, saying the money-losing brand may be “an attractive opportunity to raise capital and generate value.”

Ford Motor Company succeeded in selling the Aston Martin Division last March, when the deal was made to a consortium of big time investors lead by racing executive Dave Richards. The group also included John Sinders, a famous Aston Martin collector and two other Kuwaiti firms of Investment Dar and Adeem Investment Co.

“The deal gets Ford liquidity it desperately needs to help restore its higher-volume product lines, and it leaves Aston Martin in good hands, as well.” Dave Healy, an analyst at Burnham Securities was quoted as saying before the Dearborn automaker put its luxury brand up for sale.

In a statement before the sale, Ford CEO and President Allan Mullaly said, “The sale of Aston Martin supports the key objectives of the company, to restructure to operate profitably at lower volumes and changed model mix and to speed the development of new products,”

Ford announced in March that it would receive $848 million and retain a $77 million stake in Aston Martin.

The transaction of the maker of the Aston Martin catalytic converter was completed in the second quarter of this year. Becky Sanch, Ford spokeswoman confirmed that they have not completely given away the sports car division because the automaker retained a stake by receiving preferred stock from Primrose Cove Ltd., the holding company of the group that acquired Aston Martin.
On Tuesday Ford received $931 million in cash and preferred stock for its sale of a controlling stake in the popular luxury brand.

Ford’s Jaguar and Rover divisions, also part of the Ford Premier Auto Group are also being prepared for disposal as Ford continues on its plan to bounce back from its recent financial troubles.…

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"The Great Turkey Give-Away!" Advanced Mortgage Services revives a time-honored tradition


In the not too distant past, during the holiday season many employers once gave a turkey to each of their loyal employees as a gesture of appreciation for a job well done. Businesses often times expanded this practice, reaching out to thank their valued clients and referral partners in the business community who provided steadfast support throughout the year.

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Norwell and Plymouth based Advanced Mortgage Services LLC revived this time-honored tradition with their “Great Turkey Give-Away.” Hundreds of referral partners and clients flocked to the Norwell and Plymouth offices of Advanced Mortgage Services to receive their free turkey just in time for Thanksgiving. A truckload of turkeys was stationed at each site to accommodate the many participants in the give-away who took home a total of 350 turkeys.

Brian Comer, President of Advance Mortgage Services, was on hand at the company’s Norwell office where employees were decked out in their distinctive red team jackets, greeting the many recipients. Noted Comer, “We feel that it’s very important to let people know that their business and referrals are appreciated, particularly in these uncertain economic times. It was a real pleasure to be able to give away turkeys to hundreds of clients and referral partners in appreciation for their loyalty throughout the year, reaffirming our commitment to these many long lasting relationships.”

Advanced Mortgage Services LLC

Advanced Mortgage Services LLC was founded as a mortgage lending company in 2005 by Brian Thomas Comer, a financial services professional with more than 13 years experience in the South Shore real estate market. Advanced Mortgage Services is a full service mortgage company that values and nurtures long-term customer relationships, providing options and solutions with maximum benefit and genuine concern for their customer’s interests.

Advanced Mortgage Services team of loan officers maintains rigorous licensing requirements set by the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association and is committed to upholding the highest standards in the mortgage industry. With a combined expertise of more than 50 years, Advanced Mortgage Services offers customers the best possible solution for any mortgage-related issue.

Advanced Mortgage Services, which is an active participant in many community events and organizations throughout the South Shore, is located at 335 Washington Street in Norwell, MA 02061 and has an additional office at 25 Main Street in Plymouth, MA 02360.

For additional information on services offered by Advanced Mortgage Services please call 781-659-6555, 508-747-9520, or 888-665-6345, or visit Advanced Mortgage Services is fully licensed and insured in Massachusetts and Florida, and is an FHA, VA, Equal Opportunity, and MHFA lender.…

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Swimming Pool Style And Pool Building

With the aid of physiological thermoregulation, your physique keeps itself temperature constant. All property owners policies cover your residence itself and any extraneous structures (such as a tool shed), and a carrier may possibly take into account a pool house to be either one. Swimming pools hold everybody cool and allow people to get pleasure from physical activity and outdoor time with out breaking a sweat. If you have little ones that will want to splash about you will want to go for anything a bit wider – a keyhole shape or an elliptical pool. Upkeep of water continues till the temperature drops regularly under 15 degrees.

Above ground pools are also an choice if you are hunting for a significantly less costly or even a short-term answer. If you are a keen diver and want to add a diving board to your extension de maison you ought to aim to have a depth of at least 3 meters. In addition, fiberglass is less most likely to stain or help the growth of algae, thereby decreasing upkeep hassle and expense. Therefore, if you want a pool, occasionally it pays to purchase a residence with 1 rather than add one a single, especially if there are other elements of the property you are not pleased with.

Prior to purchasing and installing agrandissement maison bois, numerous individuals fail to carry out the full and proper research to all of the charges involved with owning one. In the beginning of the season for outdoor pools is compulsory to do prophylaxis, just before the pool is place into operation. The cost to have an inground pool installed varies a lot based on the size of the pool, components, and loads of other aspects In fact, trying to figure out how much you’ll have to spend and what variety of pool you can afford is a main undertaking in itself. We talked with numerous fiberglass pool companies to set up one behind our residence.

Depending on the space, it could grow to be apparent that a smaller kidney shaped pool would match very best, or probably a modest square. I have a budget of 50K for a regular swimming pool and a Spa and still can’t get a decent quote for it , they start at 60K. For example, by checking the pH levels of the water – which can be carried out by getting an inexpensive DIY kit – owners can see if the water is at the correct pH level, around 7.4, for safe swimming. If you build your tiny swimming pool in the backyard and there is a cold winter, drain the pool and then place antifreeze in the essential areas to avoid the remaining water from freezing and breaking put the cover on the pool. I’ve observed a lot of pools in my day, and I’d say for more than half of them, they are rarely utilized by their owners.

These bacteria’s bear direct infections for humans as effectively as …

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Malibu Valet Parking Service

Malibu is home to the rich and famous, with many movie stars included in its population, so it’s no surprise that a valet parking service is offered almost anywhere you might go in or around the city.

Originally a Native American settlement, Malibu sits against the Pacific coastline and is home to around 13,000 Californians. One of its logos is “27 Miles of Scenic beauty” even though the city, once incorporated, measured actually only 21 miles instead of the original 27. Home to stars of stage and screen, Malibu once named actor Martin Sheen as honorary mayor. When he welcomed the homeless to Malibu, the affluent population balked, and one citizen even talked of bussing the homeless to Sheen’s residence.

Malibu’s residents are all wealthy professionals, most with ties to the entertainment industry. Even without the relaxed geography of the city that makes walking a very impractical form of transportation, a valet parking service would be a necessity because of the preferred lifestyle of the city’s population. These people expect, and get, the best at every turn, so the idea of not being able to get out of their cars at the door of a nightclub, restaurant, and even office building, would probably drive them to frequent other establishments that did offer a valet parking service to take their cars to a parking lot and bring them back when they’re ready to leave.

Many Malibu-area establishments offer a valet parking service free to their guests and patrons, while others charge a small fee for the parking, often included right in their prices. Tipping is expected even for a free valet parking service, however, and the average tip for a valet to conveniently park your car can be anywhere between $3 and $15, with the price for valet services that aren’t free ranging just as widely, with some charging one flat fee, and others charging according to how many hours your car is parked.

Surely even if a valet parking service cost ten times what it does, the wealthy residents of Malibu would happily pay it for the convenience of not having to find parking places in full and overcrowded parking lots. Once a status symbol in many cities in California, a valet parking service is now expected and considered a daily part of Malibu residents’ lifestyles.

Those traveling to other parts of Los Angeles are greeted with Los Angeles valet parking services at places like Custom Hotel, Key Club and House of Blues, with even gyms and health clubs offering a valet parking service to their members.

A good Malibu valet parking service is a must at all Malibu social events. Guests coming to holiday parties, birthday parties and weddings will expect a valet to park their cars, even if the estate they’re visiting appears to have acres available for parking. With social events, a valet parking service is still a sign of affluence, as much as it is a simple courtesy for guests and the sign of a gracious …

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A collection of Brand Car Logos and their meanings (II)




Peugeot is a major French car brand, part of PSA Peugeot Citroën, the second largest carmaker in Europe. Peugeot’s roots go back to 19th-century coffee mill and bicycle manufacturing. The company’s entry into the vehicle market was by means of crinoline dresses, which used steel rods, leading to umbrella frames, saw blades, wire wheels, and ultimately bicycles. The trademark of Peugeot is a mighty lion, which is the symbol of the region Franche-Comté, where the company is. The lion represents the excellence of their saws in three aspects: saw tooth is as enduring as lion’s tooth; saw blades is as elastic as lion’s backbone; the performance of the saw is as invincible as that of lion. In 1890, when the first Peugeot motor was out on the market, the company decided to carry on the “lion” trademark to signify its high quality.




Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars, based in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The company name is derived from the name of one of the company’s founders, Lionel Martin, and from the Aston Hill speed hillclimb near Aston Clinton in Buckinghamshire. The logo of Aston Martin is a flying roc with wings wide spread, on each of which writes ASTON and MARTIN, indicating that the company has the velocity and ambition of a roc.




Bentley Motors Limited is a British manufacturer of automobiles founded on 18 January 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley (known as W.O. Bentley or just “W.O.”). Mr. Bentley had been previously known for his range of rotary aero-engines in World War I, the most famous being the Bentley BR1 as used in later versions of the Sopwith Camel. Since 1998, the company has been owned by the Volkswagen Group of Germany. Bentley’s winged and flying B logo has been used since the first Bentley motor made its appearance.




Lincoln is the luxury brand of Ford Motor Company. Founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland and acquired by Ford in 1922, Lincoln has manufactured vehicles since the 1920s. Leland named the brand after his longtime hero Abraham Lincoln. In 1927, Lincoln adopted the greyhound as their emblem, which was later replaced with diamond that is currently in use.




Jaguar Cars Ltd., better known simply as Jaguar (pronounced) is a manufacturer of luxury and executive motor cars, headquartered in Coventry, England, and now operated as part of the Jaguar Land Rover business owned by Tata Motors of India. Jaguar was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company by Sir William Lyons in 1922, originally making motorcycle sidecars before switching to passenger cars. The name was changed to Jaguar after World War II due to the unfavourable connotations of the SS initials. Jaguar cars are designed in an engineering centre at their headquarters in Coventry, England and are manufactured in one of three English Jaguar plants; Castle Bromwich in Birmingham, Halewood near Liverpool and Gaydon in Oxfordshire. The Jaguar logo is …

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How To Build An Amplifier Rack For Your Car To Get The Best Sound

You’ve heard the booming bass as a car travels down the road. To capture this sound quality yourself, you need to construct a quality amp rack that brings the best of sound quality to your car. Usually an amp rack system begins in the trunk. This depends on the vehicle you drive, however. One man’s trunk can be another man’s truck bed. In some vehicles, the trunk is too minimal to even bother. You must choose a location that protects the components from outside elements while also allowing space for the system you desire.

A panel that can old all of the speaker components is placed in the a large enough space to allows the amplifiers, woofers, and other speaker systems to attach to this unit. Most people use an amp rack because it looks good. Sometimes, appearance does count. Custom upholstery and a variety of other features can turn an average amp rack into an awe inspiring artistic creation. In fact, there are car competitions for those with the prettiest amp rack.

If you have built a solid amp rack, you will find that the instillation is simple. It is all a matter of sliding the speaker components into place, wiring them up, and then hooking it all up to your stereo system. Leave a small opening in the back in case you have to rewire speakers or replace blown fuses. Make sure the openings are small, as appearance can make or break the value of your sound system. If you ever opt to resell, you can make plenty of money by having a solid and artistic amp rack.

Size does matter. You would be foolish to build an amp rack that is larger than your card can fit. Imagine purchasing all the components only to discover they will not fit. Measure repeatedly to ensure that your dream amp rack will work in the available space. Choose components that can fit into the space you have available. Also keep in mind the fact that you will most likely want to upgrade components over time.

Placement is everything. In a van, your sound system has plenty of room for growth. Average drivers do not have vans, though. For this reason, many drivers need to find a suitable location. Sedans are probably best equipped with the amp rack in the trunk. Corvettes, Trans Ams, GTOs, and Firebirds often have designated locations for an amp rack. In a truck, the amp rack should be placed in the narrow space behind the truck bench. In other trucks, you may need to place it beneath the seats. Given weather conditions, you should never place the amp rack in your truck bed. Hatchbacks can be trickier, but most can still house a wonderful system.

Whatever your ideal system, you can have the amp system of your dreams.…

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Flying to Crested Butte / Gunnison – Airfare, Flights & Car Rentals

Flying to Crested Butte – Car Rentals & Transfers

Nestled in the mountains of Colorado’s interior Rockies, the town of Crested Butte provides the unique combination of solitude while remaining easy to get to. Here you will experience the splendor of an authentic Colorado vacation. Witness the charm of this Victorian mountain town either in the winter or summer. When the snow flies, Crested Butte comes alive with tourists and locals adorned with skis over their shoulders. Mount Crested Butte provides a playground for skiers and snowboarders. Known for world class extreme skiing while also containing some of the best groomed terrain on the planet, this town offers all levels of skiing ability. Coming for the summer? Explore the palette of colors that saturate the nearby mountains and valleys. The Crested Butte wildflower festival attracts thousands of people looking for the famed Colorado columbine.

Getting to Crested Butte, Colorado

Although Crested Butte is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, getting to this town is as easy as hopping on a plane. Many visitors choose to book flights to Crested Butte (Airport code GUN). Flights from all over the country will drop you right in the heart of the Rocky mountains. All major airlines fly to Denver International Airport where you can take cheap connection flights to Gunnison Crested Butte Airport. Flights are served year-round.

Once you’re airfare is booked, it is time to sort out what time of ground transportation you would like to utilize. You can book Crested Butte car rentals and have the freedom to explore nearby mountain towns. It is advisable to rent your car in advance to ensure availability. Often times you can find Crested Butte car rental online at discount rates.

If you’re planning on visiting Crested Butte from out of state and are packing the car for a road trip, the following directions will point you in the right direction.

From Denver:

From Denver International Airport, take Interstate 70 west, exit to Highway 470 west, Highway 285 south to Fairplay then Poncha Springs, Highway 50 west to Gunnison, then Highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Colorado Springs:

Take Highway 24 west to Highway 285, Highway 285 south to Poncha Springs, Highway 50 west to Gunnison, then Highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Montrose:

Take Highway 50 east to Gunnison, then Highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Texas and Oklahoma:

Take Interstate 25 north through Trinidad to Walsenburg, Highway 160 west to Alamosa, Highway 285 north to Saguache, Highway 114 north to Highway 50, Highway 50 west to Gunnison, then Highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Arizona and Phoenix:

Take Interstate 17 to Flagstaff, north on Highway 89, Highway 160 to Cortez, north on Highway 145, Highway 62 to Ridgway, Highway 550 north to Montrose, Highway 50 east to Gunnison, then Highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From California and Southern Nevada – Los Angeles – Las Vegas:

Take Interstate 15 to Las Vegas, Interstate 70 to …

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Aston Martin Dash Cover

Even at a first glance people may realize how the super slanted windscreen of the contemporary Aston Martin can affect the dash of the expensive car with the burst of sunrays invading the interior of the vehicle. Apart from the heat effect that can distort the delicate dash panels, the UV radiation certainly have telling effects on the various gauges and meters clustered within the dash. The only way the dash can be saved is by way of providing it with a UV-resistant Covers4auto Aston Martin Dash Cover, especially crafted for the automobile.

A well-fitting Covers4auto Aston Martin Custom dash cover softens the polyvinyl appearance of the vehicle’s interior décor while providing protection to the dashboard and the driver. As Covers4auto Aston Martin dashboard covers are pre-conceived from specifications gathered from the automaker and generated through CAD (computer aided design), they are almost 100{c1f5d63ad128e310c74dcb7f6cd0135c89375c4b2d00186cb611295a346fae0e} perfect. Besides, all sensors, beepers, LED warning lights, cup-holders and safety airbag opening chutes are carefully sorted out at the inception stage so that they do not create any operative obstruction. The ‘zigzag’ stitch used during the making of the Aston Martin dash covers work as a hinge to hug the soft contours of the dash in a graceful embrace, preventing the cover to curl up at the edges.

Covers4auto Aston Martin dashboard covers are available in a wide array of materials that include Velour, Poly-Carpet and Designer Fashion Print Velour. While the Poly-Carpet version provides tough yet striking polyester non-tufted low-pile life-time warranted fade-resistant cover, the velour may become the natural choice for such a classy automobile. Backed with extra foam cushioning and treated with anti-flame coating it may be considered as the ideal dash cover for Aston Martins in their various shapes ad sizes. Some people also opt for Designer Fashion Print Velour with exciting designer prints for their Aston Martins.…

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Aston Martin Seat Cover

People who drive Aston Martin cars are believed to be fussier than others and consequently love to keep their prize vehicles ship shape all the while. Covers for Auto, the legendary southern California based car cover and seat cover maker appreciates this trait and maintains an astonishing inventory of Aston Martin seat covers that can be instantly shipped the moment an online order comes through.

Aston Martin seat covers are strictly in accordance to specifications obtained from the automaker and are prized by customers from all over the United States for their outstanding performance, exquisite looks and unbelievable durability. Aston Martin seat covers are increasingly used by Aston Martin enthusiasts to replace factory installed covers that have either been ruined beyond repair or need to be covered up on account of distasteful staining. Aston Martin seat covers are also preferred by individuals who like to have a personalized look in their love machines.

Designed and cut through state-of-the-art technology and aided by CAD/CAM process of manufacturing, Aston Martin seat covers are made from a wide range of materials, starting from velour to imported genuine sheepskin. While others charge extra for supplying head rests, arm rests, etc, Covers for Auto single delivery package contains all, including detailed instructions for installation. Quality Certified QS-9000 and TS16949, the company has also been specially permitted to use various marque of logos on seat covers for some vehicles.

Since all contemporary Aston Martins have specially adapted front seats that can be tilted, folded, swung around, etc and are provided with safety devices like air bags, Aston Martin front seat covers have cut out or flaps to allow full utility of the seats. Provision for in-built shoulder belts is also a regular feature of all Aston Martin seat covers.

Visit to find the seat covers for your automobile.…

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Life-Changing Positive Affirmations For A Positive You

The phrase “a million things on my mind” is nearer to the truth than you might actually think. Many thoughts do race through our minds, and while they may not exactly account for a million on a daily basis, our thoughts can run up to as many as 50,000 to 100,000, it’s mind boggling.

Even more to think about is that for most people, a lot of these daily thoughts border on the negative. No matter how poised and confident we try to look on the outside, not all of us are positive-thinking people. A lot of those racing thoughts are those of personal self doubt and insecurities, often hindering us from pushing ourselves to produce successful outcomes, no matter how small the task at hand is. We allow this negative attitude because we constantly think that we are always limited.

Positive people have different outlooks in life mainly because they have daily affirmations of what they are capable of, as a person of value. Such is a lesson we can take from their books, the power of affirmation. We who believe that we cannot hurdle the challenges life throws at us must learn how to change this line of thinking and replace it with a can-do attitude. Ask any person you think has achieved success on a personal attitude level and he/she will promptly reply that it has to do with shooing away the nagging thoughts and adding doses of constant self affirmation. Sure, we keep affirming ourselves everyday but stop and think; aren’t these affirmations more on what we lack personally rather than what we can appreciate about ourselves? That’s right, negative affirmations should have no place in our thoughts.

Overcoming negative affirmations requires a simple paradigm shift. That instead of telling ourselves “I can’t do it,” we say “yes, I can.” That instead of filling our thoughts with negative feedback, we fill them with good things. We all have talents and capabilities that would benefit others if only we could offer them, and we should believe that we can be life-changing people because we are capable of leaving an impact on society.

Making positive affirmations about ourselves is not that difficult at all. Simply form a list of all the self assuring I-ams you can muster and that are true to your person – I am a good person; I am a happy person; I am successful; I am kind; I am a self-starter – and repeat each of the phrases daily – like a mantra. It may sound awkward at first but soon enough you’ll get the hang of it.

Here’s another secret that will make your affirmations really work for you. This is, ultimately, your belief in what you created. These affirmations were made by you as a positive reinforcement to your life. Remember, they are only as strong as you have made them to be. Keep at it with those “I can’s” and soon enough, a lot more of those 50,000 daily thoughts will …