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Aston Martin Revised Version of the Db9

At the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin introduced a revised version of the company’s critically acclaimed DB9, which includes significant enhancements to standard specification.
Changes include a revised version of Aston Martin’s 6.0 litre V12 engine to deliver improved power and torque. Peak power of 470bhp (350kW) – increased by 20bhp (30Nm) – is now reached at 6,000rpm, resulting in a power to weight ratio of 267bhp per tonne (199kW/tonne) – an increase of 11bhp per tonne over the existing Aston Martin DB9.
Peak torque of 600Nm is delivered at 5,000rpm, providing even more accessible power for the driver, as well a greater performance feel overall. Accordingly, top speed is now 190mph (306km/h) and the benchmark 0-60mph time improves by 0.3 seconds for the Touchtronic transmission – which benefits from a new valve box and integrated transmission controls to achieve quicker gear shifts – to 4.6 seconds and by 0.1 seconds to 4.6 seconds for the manual gearbox.
The latest Aston Martin DB9 also incorporates a series of chassis developments for both the Coupe and Volante derivates. Bilstein dampers are introduced in addition to revised upper suspension arms and retuned suspension bushes to deliver improved ride quality; aiding greater refinement in the Volante and an enhanced sporting feel in the Coupe. The Aston Martin DB9 Volante also benefits from revisions to the front shear panel which increases torsional rigidity by 10{c1f5d63ad128e310c74dcb7f6cd0135c89375c4b2d00186cb611295a346fae0e}, further improving refinement.
The Aston Martin DB9 manages to combine all facets of style, quality and usability of a traditional Aston Martin without relying on retrospective detail or design. Therefore, auto parts styling changes to the revised Aston Martin DB9 are subtle, reflecting the car’s timeless design and understated elegance.
Auto parts exterior styling changes include the introduction of a new standard 19″ 10-spoke alloy wheel, new door mirrors and a revised anodised aluminium five-bar grille. In the cabin changes include a new centre console constructed from die cast zinc with a painted iridium silver finish and the introduction of a new Emotion Control Unit (ECU) – first seen on the DBS in 2007. The ECU – constructed from glass, polished stainless steel and polycarbonate – replaces the key used previously for the DB9.
The innovative Aston Martin DB9 introduced an exciting new era for Aston Martin. The 2+2 sports car set new standards in its class due to its astonishing combination of technology, agility and design. The car marked the beginning of a new era for Aston Martin and became the first car to be hand-made at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Gaydon, Warwickshire.
Sales of the Aston Martin DB9 started in spring 2004, and to date, more than 10,000 examples have been produced and delivered to customers around the world – surpassing the DB7 as the most successful Aston Martin of all time.
Deliveries of the updated Aston Martin DB9 begin during quarter two 2008, with prices from £113,950 for the DB9 Coupe and £122,950 for the DB9 Volante.…

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Types of health insurance plans offered in Florida

According to the rankings provided by the United Health Foundation in 2009, Florida was rated 36th of the 50 states in the US. Being a large state, it is obvious that there are huge opportunities for increasing the impact of health insurance.

The main motive behind providing health insurance is to provide financial security during the event of illness or injury. By available health insurance policies through government-sponsored program or buying it from private insurers, consumers in Florida can enjoy financial freedom when they avail healthcare services for various needs.

Types of health insurance plans offered in Florida

Apart from State and Federal governments’ sponsored program including Medicare, Medicaid, etc., there is an option of buying health insurance from private companies. Like many other states, health insurance plans in Florida are offered to the residents in traditional format. These could be classified as:

1.    Individual health insurance
2.    Family health insurance
3.    Group health insurance
4.    Student health insurance
5.    Dental health insurance
6.    Low cost health insurance
7.    Low-income families health insurance
8.    Short-term health insurance
9.    Small business health insurance

Companies offering health insurance in Florida

Below is the list of health insurance companies offering health insurance to the residents of Florida:

•    Aetna
•    AMS
•    Assurant
•    Avalon Healthcare
•    AvMed Health Plans
•    Blue Cross and Blue Shield
•    Celtic
•    Cigna
•    Coventry
•    Golden Rule
•    Humana One
•    IAC
•    Solera Dental
•    Vista

Impact of the Affordable Care Act on health insurance in Florida

•    Tax credit will be offered to small business. Around 290,000 small businesses in Florida will be offered tax credits for offering health insurance to their employees.

•    Medicare beneficiaries will be offered help to defray costs. Around 271,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Florida will be automatically mailed a check of $250 to defray the cost of their prescription drugs.

•    Early retirees in Florida to be helped. 280,000 early retirees will be offered reinsurance options.

•    Uninsured Floridians with pre-existing condition will have a huge boost with $351 million federal dollars made available to Florida starting July 1 to provide coverage.

•    8.8 million Floridians will no longer have to worry about lifetime limits on the coverage.

•    Around 1.1 million individuals will not have to worry about getting dropped from coverage when they get sick.

•    Children in Florida will be able to stay with their family health insurance policy till the age of 26 years.…

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Top 5 Classic James Bond Cars

The latest Bond car for the film “Quantum of Solace” is the Aston Martin DBS. Low-profile 20inch car tyres, smooth lines and curves, flared wheel arches and an overstated front grill; it is the epitomy of British cool with which to save the world.

The Aston Martin’s 6.0-litre V12 engine has a distinctive throaty roar that is capable of 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of 191mph.

This has to rate as one of Bond’s best looking cars but to compare I have compiled a list of 5 other classic Bond cars:

1) Recently voted the most iconic car of all time, the Aston Martin DB5 appeared in ‘Thunderball’, ‘Goldfinger’ and more recently ‘Casino Royal’.

It was originally introduced in 1963. Its film debut was in the 1964 Goldfinger, starring alongside Sean Connery. Its distinctive silver livery, streamlined bodywork and large front grill was new for its time.

However the aesthetically pleasing body hid a vast array of lethal surprises to confound even the most troublesome of Bond’s enemies. You may remember a scene in Goldfinger where one rear brake light spurted oil onto the road. And the other released triple-spiked nails to burst the car tyres of the pursuing villains.

Other clever features devised by Q included a revolving licence plate, an exhaust that expelled smoke-screen canisters and wheel hubs that revealed knives to slash car tyres.

2) The white Lotus Elite used by Roger Moore in 1977 ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ surprised everyone with its ability to be driven underwater.

In an attempt to escape a pursuing helicopter the Lotus was driven off a pier into the sea. At the time you would have thought this was the end for the car. But with typical Bond creativity the car tyres retract and it was transformed into an operational submarine, complete with fins and a periscope. The persistent helicopter soon meets its demise with a missile fired from the car beneath the water.

3) The 1987 film ‘The Living Daylights’ saw a return to the Aston Martin. This Aston Martin V8 had a powerful engine to compliment its macho looks. It used a fuel injection system that replaced carburetion. Due to the compact nature of this new technology the car could be designed with a flat bonnet, unlike the curved bonnets of its predecessors.

As with any Bond car there were a number of clever additions including self retractable spikes in the car tyres for extra grip on icy surfaces, lasers behind the front hubcaps and missile launchers behind the headlights.

4) It was bold move not to use a British manufactured car in the 1999 ‘The World Is Not Enough’ but BMW Z8 soon won over the Bond fan. Its retro styling and red leather interior was backed up by a 400-horsepower V8 engine that had a top speed of 158mph.

Hidden accessories included missile launchers in the side vents and a windscreen that displayed important data. The car could be operated remotely using …

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Import Compliance – 12 Things Your Overseas Supplier Can Do To Expedite US Customs Clearance

Are you losing sleep at night worrying that your latest import order will not clear customs in time to meet your company’s or customer’s requirement? Or worse, are you wondering if the shipment will clear at all due to some ‘administrative’ error?

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has 12 suggestions that you can make to your overseas suppliers to ensure faster customs clearance of your merchandise.

1. Include all information required on your customs invoices.

2. Prepare your invoices carefully. Type them clearly. Allow sufficient space between lines. Keep the data within each column.

3. Make sure that your invoices contain the information that would be shown on a well prepared packing list.

4. Mark and number each package so it can be identified with the corresponding marks and numbers appearing on your invoice.

5. Show a detailed description on your invoice of each item of merchandise contained in each individual package.

6. Mark your goods legibly and conspicuously with the country of origin unless they are specifically exempted from country of origin marking requirements.

7. Comply with the provisions of any special laws of the United States that may apply to your goods, such as laws relating to food, drugs, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, radioactive materials, and others.

8. Observe the instructions closely with respect to invoicing, packaging, marking, labeling, etc., sent to you by your customer in the United States. He or she has probably made a careful check of the requirements that will have to be met when your merchandise arrives.

9. Work with CBP to develop packing standards for your commodities.

10. Establish sound security procedures at your facility and while transporting your goods for shipment. Do not give narcotics smugglers the opportunity to introduce narcotics into your shipment.

11. Consider shipping on a carrier participating in the Automated Manifest System (AMS).

12. If you use a licensed customs broker for your transaction, consider using a firm that participates in the Automated Broker Interface (ABI).

For more information about import compliance or customs trade compliance please visit…

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Auto Audio FAQ

3L1T-19C013 Ford Headphone Receiver?
Hello I recently got a bulk of Lincoln Navigator/F150/F250 standard wireless telephone. The headphones are ID:3L1T-19C013-AA. Is there any course i can get a transmitter for something like an mp3 player or home stereo? Originally these phone are for in car use next to a DVD…

4 10 inch sub woofers adjectives out on correct songs next to max power?
i have the proper gague wire for ground and the amp is solitary 250 watts ( don’t laugh it actually sounds pretty clean) and for some point my entire bass system cuts out afer 3/4ths volume on certain songs…i m thinkin i just involve a bigger…

4 diamond d3 15’s or 2 solobaric L7 15’s?
i either want 4 diamond d3 15’s or 2 l7 15’s. which should i pick? i will be putting these on a kicker zx1500 amp and i will get a custom box for any… i really want spl but i like to have sql too

4 Ohm speakers near 2 Ohm amp.?
I have 2 12″ subs (a) 4 ohm with a monoblock amp(220W RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (400 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms). If I lead in parallel, will each sub capture 200 W RMS or will the impedance of the subwoofers…

4 ohm subs , how plentiful terminal?

4 subs 1 monobloc?
is it dangerous to run 4 subs (in series) stale 1 monobloc amp, i done it and it sounds oright?

400 watts to 1 12″ Alpine Type R sub?
Im running the Alpine MRP or MRD ? -M450 amp to 1 12″ Alpine Type R sub that handle 500 watts RMS. At 2 ohms which Im runnign amp to sub my amp gives 400 watts RMS to sub. You guys devise its enough to pound…

400 watts to 500 rms sub?
u think its ok if i feed 400 watts rms to my alpine typer which can bar 500 rms – this under-powering going to affect its life or performance greatly or anything. tolerate me know thanks

4000 Watt Car Audio Amp.. what size line?
I have a 4000 Watt MAX (3300 Watt RMS (a) 2 Ohms) amp that I am going to install within my ’05 f-150. What all should I do to the electrical system back installing the amp, if anything? Also, what size power/ground wire do you suggest?

5.25 inch speaker suggestion?
I’ve got a 1994 LeBaron convertible, and a JVC KD-HDR1 skipper unit. Since the motor is a convertible, I don’t want to put a ton of sound equipment within it, it’s far too easy to break into and steal the equipment. I’ve get some Infinity…

500 watts 12v coupé audio amplifier next to a 5a fuse rating?
I have here a mitzu mit-75r car audio amplifier. …

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RO Writer: Driving Your Automotive Business to Success

How do you address your automotive business needs?  No matter what kind of issues you may be having,  Automotive Management Solutions can help streamline your business so that you can spend more time with your customers.  Automotive Management Solutions has been in business since 1991, and it has helped thousands of small business flourish and prosper by helping them set up the most powerful software tool: RO Writer.  AMS cares about your business and wants it be a success.  That’s why they spend about forty five minutes getting to know your company, what it does, and what it needs in order to truly prosper.

RO Writer is a cutting edge automotive software that was developed by automotive professionals.  They figured out what the automotive industry needed, and streamlined that information into one program that can address all of the needs of your company.  RO Writer truly is amazing.  Instead of spending twenty minutes to an hour figuring out a repair cost, RO Writer will give you an accurate quote within 60 seconds.  Imagine how much more you can accomplish with extra hours in a day?  You will be able to network better, keep tabs on your customers, and complete more jobs in your autoshop. 

Staying in good communication with existing clients is mandatory for any successful business.  That is why RO Writer has a detailed customer profile for everyone who has done business with you.  It remembers what kind of car they have, when you did their service, and even keeps tabs on when their next service is due.  RO Writer sends your clients friendly emails– thanking them for their business to reminding them when they need to come in for an oil change or a tire rotation.

RO Writer is a wonderful tool to help motivate everyone in your company.  It sets goals for your autoshop team, keeps tabs on how much they are producing each day, and implements reward systems when goals and production are met.  Does your current automotive software do these things for you?

Let the Automotive Management Solutions help your company grow.  They will taylor the software to your specific company, set it up for you, and train your staff how to use it.  There are also classes that you and your staff can take so they can stay on top of important updates, tips, and methods for running a successful business.  Don’t wait! Call the Automotive Management Staff to set up an appointment. …

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Three Car Features Built to Combat Distracted Driving

As a driver, it is important to get educated about distracted driving, how it can be dangerous for yourself/family, and how to avoid falling into the category of becoming a distracted driver yourself. Even the safest drivers on the road are distracted from time to time. This is the very reason more and more manufacturers today are including distracted driver features in their cars, even in the base model or entry level model. Further, more and more companies are designing apps to help prevent use of smartphones and devices, in order to help keep drivers safe, and off their electronic devices off their phone while driving. These are just a few of the features manufacturers have added to vehicles in recent years for added safety.

Heads up technology – 
Most newer model cars have this feature built in right on the dashboard. It includes information such as: driving speed, tire pressure, lights which inform you when you take your eyes off the road, and other important vehicle information. Seems quite basic, but if your mind is elsewhere, looking for specific information, it can make you distracted. This new streamline display makes things easy to find, and helps you keep your mind on the task at hand (driving your vehicle safely).

Bluetooth – 
This and hands free features are built in to newer model cars today. Although you shouldn’t text or talk at all while driving, manufacturers understand most drivers simply won’t put their devices away. So having the ability to speak to text, make voice command calls, dial without looking at or touching your phone, and otherwise reading or composing messages, make it a bit safer for drivers who are going to do these things no matter what.

Lane departure warnings – 

It is just what it states it is; basically when you are going into a lane with a car next to you or approaching (in your blind spot) your car indicates this. From a beep to a flashing light, it will inform you when you are departing or swaying from your own lane, causing danger to yourself and other drivers.

Auto braking – 
Have you ever dropped something only to look up and see you had already rear-ended a car, or were about 1” away from doing so? You aren’t alone. Many cars today have auto brake features. If you don’t brake on time, the car will assist you and help stop the vehicle to avoid a crash. Not only is this a great feature for distracted drivers, but for those road conditions and traffic you simply can’t foresee, even if you are a safe driver.

Of course drivers are still going to do things they shouldn’t and distractions are still going to take place when you are behind the wheel. But, with a few of these built in features in your vehicle today, you can minimize certain threats and dangers when you are behind the wheel. This makes you a safer driver, a more informed driver, …

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Like Jazz? Love the Monterey Jazz Festival!

The Monterey Jazz Festival is the world’s longest running annual
celebration of all that’s great about jazz. Held in Monterey,
California every year in mid-September the festival attracts
jazz followers from around the globe. All the big names in the
world of Jazz are represented – the 2005 program includes
performances from Mavis Staples, Madeleine Peyroux and the
Christian McBride Situation.

Make a date with Monterey

Tickets for the Monterey Jazz Festival can be purchased in
advance. In fact, purchase of tickets at least a month before
the festival begins is encouraged as there’s only so many to go

But the Monterey Jazz Festival is not just for jazz buffs. The
three-day event, which is set within the breathtaking 20-acre
Monterey Fairground – a giant oak-filled park in the city –
offers plenty of fun for all the family. Aside from the
magnificent setting, a whole host of side activities can be
enjoyed, as well as displays of international cuisine and
opportunities to shop from marquees and stalls.

Outside the park, activities in the city of Monterey abound too.
Not to be missed is a walk along the coastal trail and a visit
to one of the many beautiful beaches that line the peninsula.

Getting to Monterey

Monterey has its own airport. International travelers may fly
direct into Monterey (airport code MRY) or connect to the
airport via an internal flight from Los Angeles or San
Francisco. Car hire can be booked in advance for pick up from
Monterey airport at

For more information on the Monterey Jazz Festival and for
admission tickets visit…

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Nokia 7510 SuperNova – With an astonishing design

Nokia announced this clamshell design with a compact metal hinge and flipping design and is available in the market in different colors like Red, storm blue, espresso brown and Emerald Green colors. Equipped with 2 mega pixel camera, this handset also acquires a web browser for searching the important information from Nokia Search.

Themes and ringtones

Various themes have been included in this handset like animated screensavers, wallpapers and various color schemes. The ringtones supports the formats of mp3, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+; various polyphonic ringtones of almost 64 channels have been also embedded in this unit. Along with, some video ringtones have been also provided for the enhancement of primary display. Various changeable skins have been provided like colors, icons and wallpapers.

Inbuilt speaker helps to make the device hands free while voice recording and voice commands have been also provided for the enhancement of video features. A much enhanced technique of messaging has been also incorporated in this device named AMS. The inbuilt music player supports the file formats of Real video, WMA player, MP4, MP3, AAC+, AAC and eAAC+. FM radio is also equipped in this device with significant feature of RDS that means Radio Data System.

PIM applications

Various daily used functions have been also made available by this device like organizer with the options of calendar, Notes, To-do list and calculator. A contact list is provided where the customers can store huge contact numbers along with picture ID and Ringer ID. You can also make use of your phone when it is in offline mode like in flights.

The other applications embedded in this device are Adobe flash lite 2.0, Ovi share, Mobile Search, Nokia maps and Java MIDP 2.0 for downloading games from the net. Longer battery life ensures that you will remain connected for long duration, the standard battery acquired by this device is BL 5BT with the amperage of 870mAh. The standby time of this battery is of 300 hours in GSM network and talk time provided is of six hours. This device works over Quad band technology with different frequency ranges of EDGE/GSM 900/800/1800/1900.

The user interface used by this classic design is S40 series with standby and active mode. This device is also equipped with an organic desktop that adapts according to the environment.…

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Land Rover Freelander 2 Lands Suv Award

What do awards and recognition do to vehicles and vehicle brands?

Well, these awards do not just gather dust in the shelf or cabinet of these vehicle manufacturers. Such means of recognition actually do serve as a good way of telling the vehicle manufacturers that they did a great job with the awarded vehicle or vehicle product like perhaps those parts for Land Rover Freelander. Aside from this, awards and various means of recognition also do tell consumers just what they can expect out of the vehicles.

For the Land Rover brand, they have just yet added another award to their growing number of awards, recognition, and accolades. And with this new award, Land Rover can sure expect quite a number of consumers clamoring for one of their much coveted vehicle units.

The Land Rover Freelander 2 actually soared and whooshed its way so as to be able to take on the lead as the recipient of the SUV of the Year award. This award is actually given out by the BBC Top Gear magazine and is actually part of the magazine’s annual celebrations where awards are given out. Jeremy Clarkson hosted this year’s event.

Despite being still new to the auto industry and the auto market, the Land Rover Freelander 2 has proven that it can be just as good (and even better) as those already grounded vehicles. If you do think about it, the vehicle has just been in the industry for just a short period of time. Imagine, the Land Rover Freelander 2 became public knowledge just earlier this year at the British International Motor Show which was held in London.

“We took the Freelander 2 to India for our awards photo shoot, and it was driven from Mumbai to Goa and back again in four days. It performed faultlessly, carrying the Top Gear team and a pile of photographic equipment through 2000 km of the busiest, roughest, and most dangerous roads on Earth,” says Michael Harvey, the editor of Top Gear magazine. Harvey even does add, “If you need to go on a road trip with a load of baggage and people, and want to do it comfortably, safely and in style, then in the compact SUV sector, the Freelander 2 is the only choice.” …